We are moving toward an overall agreement. Other than the cost of moving the Marines, we have no major gaps between us.

We made some progress and agreed to arrive at a conclusion quickly. We could set a direction to our discussion and share a common ground.

I believe Mr. Lawless just presented his rough plans. After the final agreement is reached, we will come up with an estimated total and present it to the public.

The promotion of the Defense Agency to ministry status has been a issue for a long time. Following the scandal we must first make a new start at the Defense Agency and win public understanding.

As it would be no good if we only insist on our opinions, the American side should also fully consider what they can do.

We agreed to continue talks on the relocation plan.

(The talks' suspension) is unavoidable. But if (the city) won't squarely sit at the table, we will have no choice but to proceed with the (original) government policy.

We are in the final stretch and heading toward a resolution overall, but there is still distance between us on the Marines' relocation cost.