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It's been an adjustment. I'm learning everyday I play.

Kyle Miller

What's going on is portfolio adjustment.

Karl Case

Customers could see the initial adjustment take place (as early as) May 1.

Cynthia Messina

Freedom is an internal achievement rather than an external adjustment.

Adam Clayton Powell

It's an adjustment, no doubt.

Phil Dawson

The kids made the adjustment on the fly and were in the right place at the right time.

Tom Lewis

That will be a major adjustment for us if she can't.

Curt De Haan

Any policy adjustment need not take place in the near future.

Anthony Santomero

We have a new challenge ahead of us. That will be a little adjustment. We'll be OK.

Terry Heisey

They made a nice adjustment on us. Trapped us a little bit, speeded us up.

Derek Waugh

If you have more than a 10-percent adjustment to make, you need council approval.

Mayor Gene Parkison

They put two men on him, one man (in a) box (and one) and the other guy to trail. He didn't make the adjustment well.

Ken Crump

It takes some adjustment. You want to run as fast as you can with a 15-foot pole.

Mark Carrick

It's not much adjustment for me.

Dat Nguyen

I'm older now, so hopefully I can make the adjustment [to shortstop] quicker.

Nick Green

It was a tough adjustment. But it's all worked out now.

Bobby Hughes

So there is no need to rely on administrative adjustment any more.

Ma Delun

I need a little bit of an attitude adjustment at the moment, ... My attitude should be a lot better than it is right now.

Brad Bryant

Happiness comes from... some curious adjustment to life.

Hugh Walpole, Sr.

It's an adjustment. But we are going to see how it works out for the team and what we're going to do.

Derrick Burgess

Coming back, has been a big adjustment.

Debbie Webb

It wasn't that much of an adjustment. We're used to playing tough teams.

Chris Joseph

Insanity: a perfectly rational adjustment to the insane world.

R. D. Laing

It's an adjustment in the market. Closing activity lags sales activity.

Jeff Justice

The reason it's going up is because of the fuel adjustment.

Checky Herrington

That's how we got outnumbered. We made that adjustment at halftime.

Randy Zavada

Today there was a little bit of position adjustment from yesterday, with very little flows going through.

Ronald Simpson

We just never made an adjustment. We didn't hit much.

Dave Machemer

By introducing noise, they hope the adjustment will be smoother.

Carlos Asilis

We saw an adjustment in the 'P' of the 'P-E' ratio.

Paul Cherney

The challenge was subtle adjustment of jet propulsion.

Junichiro Kawaguchi

I believe that the current dollar adjustment is cyclical.

Andy Xie

The next adjustment will come in the foreign exchange market.

Ma Delun

The Fed seems to think that this is a one-time adjustment.

Elisabeth Denison