Making public the conditions of special contracts that utilities are allowed to enter into when recruiting industry would give other states and their utilities an unfair advantage and jeopardize Mississippi's economic future.

This allows us to pay for it.

The school district has asked for a shorter lease and we are working with them in that direction.

It's too early to comment at this time.

We should be able to energize it within one or two days.

By co-locating functions that work closely together we believe ... we will be a more effective organization.

While the order is not exactly the way we had presented it to the commission, we feel like we can work with the guidelines that have been given to us. And it is still good news for our customers. We are still able to move forward with our plans for the Attala plant. This is a very efficient plant. It's a proven plant. We're getting it for cents on a dollar.

The reason it's going up is because of the fuel adjustment.

While the rate decrease is good news for customers, we are still in the middle of a national crisis and a long way from being back to normal.