Historically, capacity utilization over the 81 (percent) level could bring some production bottlenecks into play throughout the economy which could put upward pressure on prices.

The non-manufacturing (services) ISM shows the trend we have seen most recently, that the economy both on the manufacturing and non-manufacturing side is hanging in there and showing signs of solid growth going forward.

I think we are basically in consolidation mode for the rest of the week.

They can bring the case again, but they are not going to be able to prove bigamy, ... dealing with some scorned women who are very angry.

There was a lot of options-related stuff going on.

The number just confirms the slowing growth trend that has been unfolding in the housing market, although the numbers are still at historically strong levels.

With the energy market so close to the surface in the markets here, the number just amplified the current thinking that the recent hurricane and the effects on the energy market may have a broader impact than people were thinking.

Today there was a little bit of position adjustment from yesterday, with very little flows going through.

Claims have been drifting well below normal levels throughout the month. On the eve of the January payrolls report tomorrow, it could just indicate that a blowout (strong) number for payrolls could be in the cards.