I feel pretty comfortable [at shortstop] now.

I don't know what's happening. Maybe we're cursed or something.

I just think if you know your name is going to be in the lineup, it gives you some kind of sense of confidence. When you come to the park waiting for the lineup card to go up, then you've got to prepare yourself to play, that's one of the reasons why bench players don't quite put up the stats that regulars do.

You're so far away from the action. I think one of the hardest things is keeping your head in the game all the time. A lot of times in the outfield, you're just standing there. You can go innings without a ball being hit to you.

I'm older now, so hopefully I can make the adjustment [to shortstop] quicker.

We were both going after the ball and I looked down to see where everything was and I was about to call it. All of a sudden I hit him. It happened so fast.

I feel good about what I've done. I've competed. At least if not here, hopefully I'll get a chance somewhere else. I hope it's here. I expected to be on the team. I'm not looking for a trade right now. I want to be here.

Whenever I messed up, I was hoping Joe would put me back out there, that he wouldn't give up on me. That's what he told me, too. He said 'I know you're going to mess up, so don't worry about it. Go out there and play.' That made me feel comfortable about going out there.

I was about to call it and ran into him. It happened so fast.