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Abuse a man unjustly, and you will make friends for him.

Edgar Watson Howe

It was creative -- it was creative abuse.

Chris Graveline

We don't want to be complacent about drug an alcohol abuse.

Joe Luna

Absolute abuse of power and an act of arrogance.

Charles Wells

Power is what men seek and any group that gets it will abuse it.

Lincoln Steffens

It's easy to misunderstand and abuse the role of culture.

Francis Fukuyama

Use, don't abuse.

Grace Jones

We have identified car service abuse as a problem at UMDNJ.

John Inglesino

When you have no basis of argument, abuse the plaintiff.


I'm a sexual abuse survivor.

Thomas Roberts

[It's] clearly an abuse of power. I think there needs to be justice.

Rick Eatmon

In practice, they seem to be more open to abuse.

Ted Fitzgerald

Has this abuse had an impact on our war in Iraq? Definitely.

Chris Graveline

Power without abuse loses its charm.

Paul Valery

It is important for the victims of abuse to know it is never their fault.

Shari Pulliam

This is long overdue, ... It is a sin to abuse the taxpayers the way we are doing now.

John Mica

An abuse of the public trust.

Michael Copps

The film is basically about the power of celebrity and the abuse of that power.

Rachel Blanchard

It's wonderful, if you're into abuse.

Maureen Murphy

They did it so they could abuse these people without anybody knowing.

Marc Garlasco

We're against the abuse of it, the overuse of it.

Joann Gurenlian

A lot of the girls were traumatized by war as well as abuse.

Barbara Dixon

Abuse of the process.

Chris Dodd

We're pessimistic masochists. We love what we do, but we take a lot of abuse.

Brian Martin

What we have here is plain abuse, no doubt about it. There is no justification.

Chris Graveline

That showed me how manipulative predators are and how they abuse kids.

Anne Newman

If he's in for life, he's safe. He can't abuse her. She is in control of the relationship.

Sheila Isenberg

This lawsuit abuse mentality hurts all Floridians.

Slade O'brien

No policy of abuse.

James Schlesinger

I feel that's a total abuse of taxpayer funds.

Terri Morrison

God doesn't want us to abuse our bodies as much as we do.

Rev. Charles Tobias

I didn't abuse her. I didn't commit any grievous sin. Is divorce a sin above all others?

Joseph Simmons

It wasn't substantial abuse -- it was just abuse.

Ron Peterson

That's something we can't allow, abuse on these kids.

Ben Crump

You learn to deal with the abuse.

Sue Wilson

Doesn't that have to be abuse of discretion? Isn't that a plain violation of the law?

Stanley Marcus

The raw abuse of power.

Stephen Bernstein

I don't know if those allegations were termed domestic abuse.

Robert Janssen

We applaud the bravery of someone willing to help put an end to abuse.

John Reid

A blatant abuse of public funds.

John Gomery

A lot of that is fictitious. I didn't say all of those things. I didn't see any abuse in that house whatsoever.

Edward Clunk