Law enforcement was pretty upset with us in the early days. But when we pulled the plug on the site, [they were] upset that we weren't doing it anymore.

The depth in AA is the biggest difference, and the quality of competition is better. There are just so many quality wrestlers in AA.

Two years ago we were evil hackers. One year ago, depending on who quoted us, we were a mix of hacker group and security site. In the last six months, [we were called a] respected security site.

Clashes occurred in highly populated areas, placing the civilian population in grave danger.

We have been told by police that around 70 people have been arrested. We have not yet had access to them in detention but we are seeking it.

The political killings are one of the most serious human rights issues, but the key problem there is to identify properly where responsibility lies and that's why I think an impartial mechanism could be of assistance.

It is a tragedy for the people of Nepal that full-scale conflict has now resumed.

The internationally guaranteed right is the right to peaceful assembly, and OHCHR-Nepal has called for demonstrations and rallies to remain peaceful. Excessive restrictions on peaceful assembly at a time of legitimate political debate, however, carry the risk of contributing to violence.

We are seeing a lot of selling for euros.

The people of East Timor, whatever side of the issue they are on, are determined to have their say in this ballot.

We're pessimistic masochists. We love what we do, but we take a lot of abuse.

The great majority of these persons appear to have been arrested for exercising their right to freedom of peaceful assembly or expressing their political opinion.

The intervention has had little impact on reversing the [yen's] upward trend.

If it includes threats to the life or physical integrity of individuals taking no active part in hostilities, or the taking of hostages, such action would be a grave violation of international human rights standards.

Edison tried his light bulb a thousand times. I don't want to do this (assembling a prototype for testing) a thousand times.

At least five people and probably more.

When he follows the court's guidelines that dictate his behavior, he will find himself able to fulfill a handful of jobs, most of which will be manual labor. The first six months of his life will be spent trying to work for near minimum wage, spending half his free time answering questions from media outlets, book writers and more. Not a life I would enjoy.

We don't even know what not to know.