Very seldom it happens, but occasionally it does.

It looks like it's been completely killed so I don't know what the damage is farther down.

He was fine. We would take him out if there was anything, an inkling of a twinge, anything wrong, but he was fine. He seemed to tire, and (North Warren) just caught up to him. We were asking him constantly how he felt. He's throwing pretty well.

I just praise the Lord for you guys being out here so people can hear the gospel.

And, that would open the floodgates to many other similar requests in the county, I'm afraid.

She was supposed to be back in ten minutes and when she wasn't back in 45 minutes, we began to worry.

He could have paid them off.

The word's gotten around. Not one of my guys has complained by their elbow being sore this year.

It wasn't substantial abuse -- it was just abuse.