Chris Dodd
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"Christopher John" ""Chris"" "Dodd" is an United States/American lobbyist, lawyer, and Democratic Party (United States)/Democratic Party politician who served as a United States Senator from Connecticut for a thirty-year period from 1981-2011.

Dodd is a Connecticut native and a graduate of Georgetown Preparatory School in Bethesda, Maryland, and Providence College. His father, Thomas J. Dodd, was one of Connecticut's United States Senators from 1959 to 1971. Chris Dodd served in the Peace Corps for two years prior to entering University of Louisville School of Law/law school at the University of Louisville, and during law school concurrently served in the United States Army Reserve.

Dodd returned to Connecticut, winning election in 1974 to the United States House of Representatives from Connecticut's 2nd congressional district and was reelected in 1976 and 1978. He was elected United States Senator in the elections of 1980, and was the List of United States Senators from Connecticut/longest-serving senator in Connecticut's history.

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...Remember, the most damaging evidence about Mr. Bolton came from 15 members of the Bush administration. You've got 102 former ambassadors, many of them Republicans, coming out of the Reagan and Bush years, that urged us not to confirm Mr. Bolton. This chief of staff of Colin Powell said he'd make a horrible ambassador for the United States.

Hurricane Katrina caused already skyrocketing energy prices to soar even higher, and as the months grow colder, it could leave many low-income families and seniors struggling to heat their homes.

I find myself having to choose between my hopes and my fears.

Asking her to stay on, at least until January, gives the president time to think these things through.

Abuse of the process.

I?m very proud of my state, my constituents, my governor, ... I?m proud of the people in the legislature and others who are all taking steps to make a contribution to alleviate the hardships that have fallen on our fellow citizens. It?s a great, great day.

I couldn't have done it without my line. They gave me a lot of key blocks.

I thought there might be a few people around. I had no idea that I would encounter this incredible turnout, ... Watching these Connecticut Yankees get ready to help some Cajuns in Louisiana, southerners in Mississippi and Alabama, is a great sight. If you want to know what America looks like, what we ought to look like, take a look at the picture behind you. This is America at its very, very best.

I want to express my sincere appreciation to President Carter. As far as I know, it is entirely unprecedented in the 17 years of the BRAC process for a former commander in chief to write to save a particular military base from closure.