If I'm 5 percent at fault in an accident, and there's four or five other people in this cast, if this law passes, I'd only be forced to pay 5 percent. That's what's fair.

When they're not the majority at fault, they shouldn't have to pay more than their fair share.

The survey's findings echo the concerns we are hearing from consumers, small business owners, doctors and taxpayers across our state. Floridians have a real problem with personal injury lawyers and people who see lawsuits and our courts as a way to get rich.

Our legislators have an opportunity to fix one of the main problems that encourages lawsuit abuse in Florida. Florida citizens want to see fairness in our courts, not lawsuits that target people based on their ability to pay instead of the extent of their responsibility. It's time for our legislators to stand up to the personal injury lawyers and restore fairness to our courts.

This lawsuit abuse mentality hurts all Floridians.

The vote was a vote for common sense and basic fairness. It is a victory for Florida taxpayers, working families and businesses who can all breathe a little bit easier knowing that once this legislation is signed they'll be less likely to be targeted for a lawsuit simply because they have the ability to pay.

The Florida legislature has the opportunity to fix our broken legal system by passing reform legislation to stop abusive lawsuits and inject personal responsibility back into our courts. Florida citizens want to see fairness in our courts, not more junk lawsuits. Now is the time for citizens to urge their elected officials to take action.

The next step is for us to submit our plans to the city.