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96 stole quotes follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorites!

Fine words! I wonder where you stole them.

Jonathan Swift

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America's one of the finest countries anyone ever stole.

Bobcat Goldthwaite

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I just feel like he stole something away from me.

Chelsea Cannon

We want it closed because we feel we have a distinct advantage if its closed. But I'm a 30-year-old man and I can deal with it. It's not like they stole my dog.

Morgan Ensberg

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If there's someone who stole her password through surreptitious means, there's nothing [Hilton] could do.

Avivah Litan

The only thing I think is someone stole him. It had to have gotten into somebody's car and taken here.

Chris Norrman

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The only thing more despicable then an elected official who steals from the public is when the people who he stole from celebrate his return from incarceration. It almost condones the action.

David Soo

They commandeered our ambulances and stole them for four days. It cost us over $90,000 in billing to the government, and they probably hurt some people because they didn't respond to our orders to come back. They decided to do their own thing.

Richard Bell

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Everyone who watched 101 Reasons Not to be a Pro Wrestler loved watching New Jack. They loved what he said; his personality and everybody said he stole the show. So I wanted to make a DVD just about him, his character, his career and his life. The result is amazing; it's probably the best DVD I've ever made.

Michael Moody

We stole bases like there was no tomorrow and put guys in scoring position. We did a real good job of running the bases. They didn't hold us very tight.

Brad Pocklington

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Weh I was a kid I prayed every night for a bike until I figured out that that's not the way that God works, so I stole a bike and then asked him for forgiveness.

Emo Phillips

Ninety-eight percent of what I do is drug-related, ... In the six years I've been doing this, I've only run across two people who stole something because they wanted it. Everyone else is looking for something they can unload quick to buy some dope.

Scott Mcdonald

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We feel as though we stole the big gorilla's lunch.

Grant Newton

He is out of touch. Let him take the side of people who committed fraud and stole billions from investors and retirees. We'll take the side of working people who got screwed by corporate crooks. We'll see who wins.

Darren Dopp

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He returned to where he felt he parked the vehicle and it wasn't there. He was under the impression someone stole it. Wilkes-Barre police were contacted and he subsequently realized it was parked elsewhere.

Sheriff Barry Stankus

Beth pretty much kept us in it in the first half. She had three steals for lay-ins, where she just stole it and went coast-to-coast and laid it in and she got some other easy stuff.

Bruce Marthaller

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We're very thankful she's alive and wasn't seriously injured. Whether you're 25 or 75, we don't recommend chasing after the person who stole your purse.

Jeff Messer

We've had a wide variety of excuses, whether it be Princess Diana's funeral, the weather, El Nino... Bottom line is August was better than planned and it stole a little bit from the month of September.

Dana L. Telsey

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We led 45-42 and stole the ball, but put up an ill-advised shot. They came down and hit a three to tie it. Then we got fouled and missed the front end of a one-and-one and they hit a bucket for the lead. After that, we didn't get a shot off.

Mark Movrich

I didn't steal anything and I'm innocent. I didn't know he (Grech) stole anything.

Jeff Fenech

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