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Our focus is to restructure our business.

Douglas M. Steenland

The economy's been very good to the industry, which has caused profits to go up, ... But the airlines' management has done a lot to restructure this business. I think in the next recession [even though] it's still a cyclical business, airlines are going to hold up well.

Raymond Neidl

This is a positive for corporate balance sheets, ... They're able to restructure higher-yielding debt for debt at levels that we haven't seen in 45 years.

Ann Hurley

It should be clear that the burden of coming forward with adequate restructure proposals should be on the sponsors of the merger.

Robert Pitofsky

We continue to aggressively restructure the operations of our core holdings and have taken several key steps to improve the prospects of these businesses.

David Wetherell

The Northrop Grumman PRP team worked aggressively with the Air Force and ATK to ensure this remaining piece of the restructure was implemented on schedule. We are now fully positioned to move forward with the remaining PRP program options to deliver this important reliability upgrade to the Air Force on cost and schedule.

John Clay

If we did anything with his deal, it would just be to restructure for the cap crunch. It wouldn't be a pay increase or a pay decrease.

Harold Lewis

I wouldn't say it is a complete surprise. We're in a climate today in which companies restructure. Are we saddened by it? Absolutely.

Greg Rogers

Feminism is doomed to failure because it is based on an attempt to repeal and restructure human nature.

Phyllis Schlafly

As a result of this activity, we have decided to restructure the Road Runner partnership and we have now begun that process of working with our cable partners.

Gerald Levin

Our third-quarter results clearly demonstrate the need for Northwest to restructure expeditiously.

Doug Steenland

I am pleased with the rapid progress we have made in addressing the key issues and costs in our business and we will continue to restructure the group over the next few weeks and months.

Andy Taylor

The only thing the opera can do to survive is to restructure.

Sharon Heitman

That's a real problem area for us lawyers, ... because depending on how important it is for a company to get rid of someone, they can go through a whole sham of pretending to restructure a company to justify a termination.

James Johnston

We feel we're far enough in the discussions that we could announce we could restructure it.

Mckinley Boston

Delta's problem is not labor, it's debt. They have achieved labor cuts, and can achieve more because they have only two unions. But until they can restructure their debt, they are in big trouble.

Michael Boyd

Basically there will be no funding for the wetlands advisory program forthcoming. We are moving to restructure our advisory program, and anticipate that the changes will begin next month with a cessation of the site visits and reports.

Carl Hershner

This is not a two-thirds cut. We had to restructure the entire system because of the magnitude of the project. This is a $2.2 billion facility. The Navajo Nation never contemplated a project this size.

Frank Maisano

It looks like we will be able to survive. What we need to do is restructure.

Lynne Weber

Restructure the Christian County Family Court to be more user-friendly, accessible and responsive to the unique issues facing all families and children in our community.

Jason Fleming