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Our focus is to restructure our business.

Douglas M. Steenland

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We will restructure and transform into a modular, capabilities-based, maneuver force, which will provide significant contributions to the War on Terrorism and the future of Army aviation.

Mark Hayes

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It should be clear that the burden of coming forward with adequate restructure proposals should be on the sponsors of the merger.

Robert Pitofsky

Following the recent management change and restructure, Eidos is able to reevaluate its calendar of releases giving us the opportunity to make changes in the best interest of the business. It is in light of this review that we have decided to move the ship date for 25 to Life from October 2005 into next year.

Bill Gardner

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The Northrop Grumman PRP team worked aggressively with the Air Force and ATK to ensure this remaining piece of the restructure was implemented on schedule. We are now fully positioned to move forward with the remaining PRP program options to deliver this important reliability upgrade to the Air Force on cost and schedule.

John Clay

Delta's problem is not labour, it's debt. Until they can restructure their debt, they are in big trouble.

Michael Boyd

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I wouldn't say it is a complete surprise. We're in a climate today in which companies restructure. Are we saddened by it? Absolutely.

Greg Rogers

These were valued colleagues and we hate to see them go, ... But the nature of the business is changing in a way that we just needed to restructure.

Brian Duffy

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As a result of this activity, we have decided to restructure the Road Runner partnership and we have now begun that process of working with our cable partners.

Gerald Levin

Since the sale of PacifiCorp, we've been looking to restructure.

Brian Russell

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Our third-quarter results clearly demonstrate the need for Northwest to restructure expeditiously.

Doug Steenland

The company did not think it was feasible to restructure the deal.

Peter Thonis

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That's a real problem area for us lawyers, ... because depending on how important it is for a company to get rid of someone, they can go through a whole sham of pretending to restructure a company to justify a termination.

James Johnston

It's a little disappointing to see these guys restructure and then to see them out of the blue announce a 34-percent increase in fuel prices which came as a total shock to them and threw them into a C$100-million loss. It was a little unfortunate.

Jeff Rudderham

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Delta's problem is not labor, it's debt. They have achieved labor cuts, and can achieve more because they have only two unions. But until they can restructure their debt, they are in big trouble.

Michael Boyd

I think there's no doubt at the end of the day that this was a win-win-win transaction. It demonstrates the power of private equity in helping corporations restructure their balance sheets.

David Wasserman

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This is not a two-thirds cut. We had to restructure the entire system because of the magnitude of the project. This is a $2.2 billion facility. The Navajo Nation never contemplated a project this size.

Frank Maisano

We cannot ship to them and we are not prepared to take on the risk ourselves. The situation gets resolved when they can restructure their debt and they can take product normally and we can get credit insurance normally.

Malcolm Miller

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We are going to have to restructure some of our faculty and possibly bring in some additional staff to help build the new program.

William Pierson

Restructure the Christian County Family Court to be more user-friendly, accessible and responsive to the unique issues facing all families and children in our community.

Jason Fleming

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