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This was his best outing up to this point.

Jack Kokinda

What was fun about one of my showers was that everyone was asked in their invitation for a (gift) theme. They were 'baby's first' something. First outing at the beach. First plane trip. It was kind of a game because I had to try and figure out the theme.

Gia Russo

One outing his velocity will be up and he'll struggle with control and his changeup, but last outing he put it all together, ... It's a huge step forward for Carlos and the organization.

Jackie Moore

I was very pleased with Michael's performance in only his second paid outing.

Chris Hall

When you're 1-2 on a guy in [Class] A ball, you can make a mistake and usually still get an out. But in Double-A, hitters grind out at-bats and make you pay for mistakes. Thomas will be fine. He'll have one good outing and things will click.

Terry Clark

People say that you are only as good as your last appearance. If I have a bad outing, then I need to learn from it and go back out there the next day.

Andrew Groves

I just want to put this one behind me and look forward to my next outing, ... I am going to do everything possible to be ready for it.

Joe Kennedy

We don't endorse outing and humiliating players who have made a mistake or who may have done something silly at a low point in their lives.

Bruno Cullen

He (Coleman) was much better than his last outing. He showed that he can pitch at the Division I level.

Smoke Laval

He's a guy that just gets better and better every outing. Today was just more of the same from him. He threw his fastball for a strike, and he was able to throw his breaking ball and split finger for a strike as well.

Hector Rodriguez

I couldn't ask for a better outing. We did good.

Scooter Dunn

Going into the season, I'm counting on him big time. Then his first outing against Northwest was a little spooky. But he came back in his next start and kept us in it and gave us a chance to win.

Kyle Sanders

I felt good about the outing. All I can do is try to keep the team in the game.

Scott Baker

(Jocelyn) bounced back from a rough outing last time. Very nicely done. She's going to get another start, and we're going to keep working with her.

Dave Kaplan

Joel did a really good job stepping in. It was a good outing. They got after it and really played.

Jason Venable

I told Justin this was his best outing of the year. We didn't catch two balls in left field that we expect to be caught. But (Cassel) has just been snake-bit in the first. If he can fix that, he's on a roll.

Dave Serrano

This was an important game from that standpoint. We wanted to have a good outing against them to give us some ammunition at the seeding meeting.

Donna Proctor

That's a good outing for him. He wasn't as sharp as I've seen him, but he pitched well. He stayed in and he battled and he gave us a chance to win.

Jason Cook

It wasn't a bad first outing. We found where some of our weaknesses are and where our fitness level is at. It was a good gauge, and we came away with the win.

Olaf Kirsten

Defensively, we had another very good outing. We were very solid as a team for the entire 32 minutes. Offensively, things are really starting to come around.

Todd Wetjen