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This was his best outing up to this point.

Jack Kokinda

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He was our No. 2 last year, so we expect that out of him to come in and do that. He had that kind of outing in San Marcos in a tournament but things fell apart right at the end with errors.

Roy Grant

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I was very pleased with Michael's performance in only his second paid outing.

Chris Hall

It's good and bad -- you don't want to show them everything you got, but I'm not going any tricks at you. I'm going to do the same thing each and every outing, compete and go after you. I'm not going to try to do anything different.

Paul Maholm

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People say that you are only as good as your last appearance. If I have a bad outing, then I need to learn from it and go back out there the next day.

Andrew Groves

I just want to put this one behind me and look forward to my next outing, ... I am going to do everything possible to be ready for it.

Joe Kennedy

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We don't endorse outing and humiliating players who have made a mistake or who may have done something silly at a low point in their lives.

Bruno Cullen

Obviously at this point in the season it was a goal of mine to go out there and try to have a quality outing and finish on a good note.

Kip Wells

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He's a guy that just gets better and better every outing. Today was just more of the same from him. He threw his fastball for a strike, and he was able to throw his breaking ball and split finger for a strike as well.

Hector Rodriguez

We need to see some of those other scores slip down a little bit, but on the first outing you don't really know what to expect.

Joan Rachetto

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Going into the season, I'm counting on him big time. Then his first outing against Northwest was a little spooky. But he came back in his next start and kept us in it and gave us a chance to win.

Kyle Sanders

I got a lot of ground-ball outs, which means I was keeping my fastball down. My breaking ball is coming along great. I gain more confidence in it every outing.

Ryan Madson

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(Jocelyn) bounced back from a rough outing last time. Very nicely done. She's going to get another start, and we're going to keep working with her.

Dave Kaplan

We made a lot of mistakes that cost us the game. Defensively, it was probably the strongest outing I've ever seen us have. They did not drive the field once except for a field goal. The tape doesn't lie.

Josh Pinnick

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I told Justin this was his best outing of the year. We didn't catch two balls in left field that we expect to be caught. But (Cassel) has just been snake-bit in the first. If he can fix that, he's on a roll.

Dave Serrano

Everybody says once it clicks, it's there. I need to find that one outing.

Kris Johnson

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That's a good outing for him. He wasn't as sharp as I've seen him, but he pitched well. He stayed in and he battled and he gave us a chance to win.

Jason Cook

Dylan threw strikes and that made for a good outing.

Aaron Bender

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Defensively, we had another very good outing. We were very solid as a team for the entire 32 minutes. Offensively, things are really starting to come around.

Todd Wetjen

If you wanted to have a meeting or a golf outing, which would you choose?

Jerry Jaeger

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