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Put the two of them together in the wake of The Producers, and these guys are unquestionably one of the great acting teams of our generation.

Howard Sherman

Other writers, producers, and directors of low-budget films would often put down the film they were making, saying it was just something to make money with. I never felt that. If I took the assignment, I'd give it my best shot.

Roger Corman

The Galt House has assured us that our needs will be taken care of as far as the show producers and technical staff that have to be in the Galt House to produce the show.

Aimee Boyd

Creatively we just did not get the show where it needed to be. All of us tried really hard - producers, network, studio - but it just never got on track.

Steve Mcpherson

A lot of our grapes go to the Central Valley. These producers can?t justify higher wine grape prices.

Dennis Collins

The real offense here was in the producer's decision to add insult to injury by turning a contestant's gender expression into the butt of a joke.

Damon Romine

This is the first award we've ever won so it will probably be the most memorable one. I can't believe that you guys chose us over other brilliant producers.

Pharrell Williams

Commodity producers were particularly hard hit after falls in base metal prices over recent days.

Robert Wallis

We're looking to make crossover movies. There are lots of Christian movies being made in Nigeria, but they are made by Christian actors, Christian producers, Christian everything. But because of that a lot of people are not going to go near them.

Ope Banwo

We were surprised that bankers and accountants came up so high. I really expected lawyers, maybe television producers and radio announcers (to rank high). In my experiences, they're pretty bad.

Charles Gerba

I do not think Chinese power producers are going to rush into nuclear power because it's the 'in' thing.

Joseph Jacobelli

I'm quite optimistic, but I feel we do need more female producers, more female cinematographers and such, just to make a better working environment among predominantly male crews.

Mary Harron

They should figure a strategy to make life more difficult for producers... It might mean China wouldn't have to spend so much.

David Zweig

We're seeing an increase of producers entering into the raw milk market.

Claudia Coles

I'm working with producers right now as I haven't finished my demos yet. Hopefully we can have something out before the end of the year.

Carly Patterson

We had planned to do a medley of all the songs we cut from the show during previews. But the producers just informed me that we are not closing tonight.

Lonny Price

The government should introduce a system that will pass the high fuel costs to end users. Otherwise, electricity producers will suffer severe losses as fuel prices fluctuate.

Wang Yonggan

When the spread is wide, packers are forced into the market — and producers have leverage. When the spread narrows, packers have the leverage.

Kevin Good

I want to be remembered as one of the best record producers of my era.

Jan Berry

With the market deficit slowly being filled by the big three producers at increasing unit capital cost - greenfield projects are likely to be much harder to justify, highlighting one motivation in the strategic advantage of bringing forward these expansions.

Credit Suisse First Boston

This does seem to be a convenient way for TV producers to cast a series and to have a person of color in the credits, even though they don't really contribute to the main story most weeks.

Matt Roush

I do think, though, longer term the semiconductor area, both equipment makers and the chip producers, is probably the best area to be in this market looking forward.

Terence Gabriel

The FF Plus therefore calls on the government to investigate the effect that imports have on the milk producers industry and together with the dairy and milk producers, find solutions to the problems.

Pieter Groenewald

I do think there's probably a lot of questions among (US ) producers about what all this means. There's going to be an increased level of concern in the (WTO) process going forward.

Gary Adams

If the tour had not gone ahead, the result would be that investors and producers would become more and more risk-averse. This is a freedom- of-speech issue.

Richard Thomas

You've got guys in charge of shows who probably went to school for chemistry, and now they're executive producers.

Bernie Mac

Not only is China taking away absolute market share from domestic producers, ... they're taking it away from the world as a whole.

Lloyd Wood

That will enhance the pricing power of remaining producers.

John Lonski

For the low-cost producers, they are very profitable now, at (steel) prices that are probably not going to fall.

Tim Rocks

People had been so attached to the Diane [Cheers] character that audiences and producers found it difficult to think of me in any other terms. It took some time before people would consider me for other parts.

Shelley Long

As a region, producers -- in aggregate -- are losing $125 million per year. If nothing's done, the problem will only get worse.

Bryan Hassler

Assuming that most of this windfall for producers will initially be saved, there also is an implicit demand for U.S. securities.

Carl B. Weinberg

We're trying to find a solution that works for the federal government, the (government of Northwest Territories), the peoples of the North, the producers and consumers. We all agree that if we can get this thing constructed, that this is in the net best interest of all concerned.

Tim Hearn

Right now, the farm sector in Minnesota seems to be extremely healthy and growing, Most producers are in better shape to handle a downturn now than they may have been in the past.

Dale Nordquist

I had expected more producers to integrate shows more into their Web sites. The fact that they don't have a map that you can use to track the characters is just silly.

Mike Pegg

In the mining sector, we do see consolidation going ahead. Some of the zinc producers, given the supply and dynamics may look attractive.

Atul Lele

We'll be offering the same sort of idea -- visiting producers and focus on that ingredient when we go to the kitchen.

John Pence

U.S. producers don't have product to export to Mexico.

John Bloom

If you only have one or two producers on a film, you're statistically likely to have a stinker. That's the opposite of the idea that too many cooks spoil the brew.

Matthew Prince

There are always hitches we can fix, and that is what we need to know from the directors, producers, distributors.

Marco Muller

Having a clear, stable royalty policy was of value to independent producers.

Lee Fuller

Back then, it was more or less we couldn't change a line in our script. We weren't allowed to change lines. Today, actors change everything and won't do parts. It's very different today. Back then, the producers were in charge. Today actors are more in charge.

Donna Douglas

Foreign imports, ... are being sold at 25 to 50 percent below Florida prices. They are squeezing Florida producers out of this market.

Charles Bronson

Since Iowa is the nation's No. 1 state in pork production, these advances will add to the competitive advantage of our producers. But ultimately, the consumer will be the beneficiary.

Max Rothschild

I could not in good conscience make a decision about the oil taxes without knowing the gas pipeline terms that have been agreed between the producers and the administration.

Daniel Johnston

For Greek cinema, this is a very high-budget film. Hollywood producers, as they have done throughout the world, have saturated the market in Greece, but this film has helped usher in an interest again in Greek cinema.

Neovi Karakatsanis

We don't want to burn the series out. We want to make sure that (the producers) don't come to us with an episode that's a little soft because we're going and doing so many episodes one after the other. We want every one to be great.

Bonnie Hammer

The increased domestic demand has driven the price of Chinese corn higher, both domestically and throughout Asia . Coupled with [Friday]'s report that China will issue no new export quotas beyond March 1, this is exceptionally good news for U.S. grain producers, who compete in those same international markets.

Mike Callahan

In terms of prices, the best situation is for newsprint. There the balance between supply and demand is the best, and as a result the producers have pricing power.

Teemu Salonen

One of the major factors affecting pork producer profitability is the policy of the government as it impacts a producer's cost of doing business and their ability to effectively market their products. This award is a way for us to show our appreciation for the continued support that these legislators have demonstrated to Illinois pork producers.

Gary Asay

There are more producers in the southeastern part of the country yet there is less involvement, less members from the Southeast in the National Cattlemen's Association.

Melanie Sojourner

From a technology standpoint, there are good things going on all over the state. Arkansas is one of the largest biomass producers in the country.

Brad Greenway

Of all the bulls that were sold, we had 18 that stayed in the Routt County area. This evidently is meeting a need for cattle producers in our area.

Marsha Daughenbaugh

They went with different directors, different producers and whoever was the hot host of whatever. The show lost its flavor.

Pinky Kravitz

My hands were tied in terms of going to Ireland for half the shoot because of budget considerations by the producers.

David Mackenzie

It's really impossible to put all five of them in the same scene, so it begins to look as if the producers are separating them for personal reasons when it really is all about the show.

Mehcad Brooks

I've been working in the studio with T Farris, who A&Red my first album and also Mike Jones' album. We're pumping out a lot of hits with Houston producers.

Paul Wall

Exxon Mobil reported record profit and people expect the same thing for oil producers' 2005 profit.

Francis Lun

The continued support of Mexico to the management of global supply is conditional to effective compliance by other major producers and to the stability of market shares in our main export markets.

Adrian Lajous

I think it's caused (producers) to be more disciplined about locking in future prices. But even that creates a whole new realm of issues that they have to deal with, specifically, margin calls.

Griff Jones

Today's exceptionally tight market gives marginal producers unprecedented power and greater geopolitical importance. They have the ability to press. They have leverage.

Ian Bremmer

Was for box office bonuses against 1% of the producers' net.

Monica Potter

The PC industry is having a terrific year, particularly if you are one of the big four producers. Those companies are growing twice as fast as everyone else in the industry and gaining very rapidly.

Roger Mcnamee

We're pleased to welcome three individuals with outstanding leadership ability to our board of directors and we look forward to the contributions they will make for South Dakota corn producers.

Lisa Richardson

We've proven that we're a distinct audience from Broadway, so producers are loosening up in regards to that.

Leon Denmark

With carryover supplies of corn expected to be more than 2 billion bushels, producers should plan to make some sales sometime from January to May.

Alan May

Then I had to convince the producers that behind closed doors, sometimes men do that.

Chris Graham

It opens up an opportunity for residents to win a bonus prize. That screenplay will get read by Hollywood producers and agents, too.

Karen Nordstrand

The best thing is that Bill might share some of these entries with other directors and producers. So it gives students a chance to build contacts as well.

Laura Vazquez

[Right after the episode was shot, the actor who portrayed Rosco approached the producers.] I told them I didn't like it, ... It wasn't family-friendly.

James Best

What's important is the stable level, not so much the good price level - that both producers and consumers can benefit from.

Rafidah Aziz

Aggressive pricing by chemical producers has offset most of the short- term challenges of higher costs, but the potential for sustained high natural gas prices has meaningful longer-term implications for the chemicals industry.

Kyle Loughlin

There's a story every day in this place. Some of them are comical and some of them are tragic. I've had producers tell me they could do a sitcom about what goes on in this office.

James Allan

We are still in a condition of grossly overproducing for what the market can pay, at least what the market can pay that is acceptable to our corn producers.

Ken Cook

We want to send a signal as to what the farm bill will be so that producers can make decisions.

Mike Johanns

The folks it's going to have the direct hit on is producers in the form of lower prices. If you go worst-case scenario, it could have some very real negative impacts.

John Petty

We started working with a couple of guys that we're really excited about, we've sort of assembled this team of producers, and we'll just say that it's going to be amazing.

James Valentine

I'm pleased that USDA can offer assistance to farmers and ranchers who have sustained losses from Hurricane Katrina, ... This agriculture disaster designation will enable eligible producers to apply for low-interest emergency loans from USDA to help cover their losses. This announcement is a part of our commitment to help farmers and ranchers to rebuild their operations.

Mike Johanns

We want to produce films here, we don't want to just distribute. We want to work with Indian producers.

Tom Freston

Hopefully we could reduce control action that ends up being lethal. This could be a win-win situation, benefiting livestock producers and the recovery program.

Roy Heberger

I had a different business model. I felt that even though I was one of the top producers, I was not appreciated within the organization.

Jim Whitehouse

If you have U.S. commercial satellite producers behind you, you may have a better chance of having restrictions lifted.

Dean Cheng

Writers are alone. If you're a producer, you know all the other producers out there. If you're a writer, you don't know any of your peers.

Barbara Morgan

China's beer market has entered a new era with increasing involvement of the world's leading beer producers, such as Heineken and Budweiser, in the country.

Brent Willis

It's amazing to me, the similarities between all of these counties as far as the percentage of contracts that are left. To me, it shows that there is still a lot of uncertainty among our producers about the tax liabilities they face and cash flow concerns.

John Bartee

Each side has made its position on the issues clear during the months of negotiations, ... I have delivered a fair contract proposal to the producers. Now is the time for a decision.

Frank Murkowski

We own the film, ... We had negotiated all the material deal points with the agent and the producers in a hotel and spent four and a half hours on the phone so we have a deal.

Ruth Vitale

The Act cuts direct payments available to farmers before planting in 2007 from 50% to 22% of the total annual payment. This does not affect what producers will get in total, but does affect when they receive their payments.

Pat Westhoff

Only as we expand the market can we enable more and more producers to come in.

Harriet Lamb

This is an opportunity for Missouri producers concerned about the various risks they face each day to learn about and how to use some of the basic tools to manage those risks.

Gordon Carriker

There may be some excess fruit that producers in the Toronto area could purchase.

George Rose

I had a great time recording and working with the producers. I really got to work with great producers, and different producers with different work ethics.

Jasmine Trias

If there is no agreement to withdraw two million barrels per day from the market there will be a serious problem because when prices fall, the reaction of many producers is to increase production to compensate and that ends up flooding the market.

Ali Rodriguez

Very few producers can make money at 50 cents a pound. Brazil needs 65 cents and that's still cheap. For most, breakeven is around $1.

Jack Scoville

We've always thought it would go a long way if Canada would volunteer price information so our producers would know if they are being beaten on price or on other factors, like quality.

Neal Fisher

Used effectively, DRM technologies have the potential to open up these new channels to traditional publishers and producers.

Ben Macklin

Any gas project is going to include getting gas from the producers because they hold the leases.

Chuck Logsdon

If ethanol production eventually takes 30 percent of the U.S. crop, as now predicted, much of that increase will come at the expense of the 25 percent now going to cattle feed. That means producers might face higher costs.

Larry Berger

If this market sustains -- and there is a pretty good chance it will not only sustain, but it may even go up two or three dollars per hundredweight with no difficulty -- potato producers are going to see their best year since 2001.

Bruce Huffaker

This is the first program to cover the commercial industry as comprehensively as we are doing. We are gratified that 90 percent of the producers have signed up for the program, and more will come in as we go along.

Richard Lobb

The things that have been accepted in recent years have been the ones that cut costs for producers. That will continue to be a trend.

Barry Nelson

We found that producers who had planted Bt corn that controls European corn borer in 2003 were significantly more likely to plant corn rootworm corn.

Corinne Alexander

The net effect on the economy is always positive. We have more consumers of energy than producers and the result is that the sector that benefits from low inflation and low interest rates comes out ahead.

Michael Englund

The type of contract between players and producers is, I feel, antiquated in form and abstract in concept. We have no privacies which producers cannot invade, they trade us like cattle, boss us like children.

Teresa Wright

The discovery of Site Q promises the recovery of a record of one of the greatest producers of classic Maya civilization.

Marcello Canuto

Producers didn't want to see me. They had liked my performances but couldn't see me as anything but a heavy.

Brock Peters

The real answer is to allow access to the EU for goods produced in China and for EU producers to adapt to the challenge.

Digby Jones

We're not buying every bushel in that radius. Our customer base on the corn side is 280 producers and 30 grain dealers and growing every day.

Dan Wegner

We're not out to compete with the major producers. We'll never be that big, because our market and our goals are different.

Tim Welsh

Food producers are responsible for controlling every link in the production chain and making sure that only healthy food products arrive on the market.

Philip Tod

Researching and developing these technologies now will help save the major studios and other motion picture producers and distributors money in the future.

Dan Glickman

Even though producers may not be getting the percentage of the consumer dollar that they want, that doesn't necessarily mean the packers have control of the market.

Gary Taylor

We expect to have three, possibly four, new farms, coming on as producers this year.

Stephen Costello

I'm sure there are any number of Hollywood producers who option novels and think, 'maybe this would make a good opera.

Michael Cunningham

I'm just trying to hit it, that's it. I was told a long time ago when I first came up, we're producers, not directors. All you can do is hit it, you can't control where it goes and if it happens to go somewhere, fine.

Troy Glaus

Just the mere concept of combining the No. 2 and No. 3 (nickel) producers in the western world into one company is enough to make regulators take a good hard look.

Victor Lazarovici

The American producers asked us about security.

Marco Muller

The milk isn't being transported very far. It's very fresh. They pick it up here and it's in the bottle within a couple of hours. They're very concerned about quality and we as producers are, too.

Perry Lilley

One of the most exciting things to do as producers is be able to offer life-changing roles to new actors and Hairspray has presented us with an amazing opportunity to create new stars.

Neil Meron

With much stronger competition worldwide, especially from China, garment buyers are now demanding more and better services from producers.

Diep Thanh Kiet

Historically, spare capacity of 1 to 2 million b/d is still very low considering all the uncertainties on supply in Nigeria, Iraq, Iran and the Gulf of Mexico and it means there's not a huge margin of flexibility if anything should happen to those producers.

David Fyfe

They will have to think through their scripts and make their own judgments just as newspaper editors and TV producers do.

Paul Gudgin

I never played politics, I was never a party girl, and I never slept with any of the producers.

Ann Miller

We're in an era where the demand is for immediate hits that are destined to become obsolescent. Six months later, everyone forgets the artist and the tune. It's become like a con job. Producers, engineers, lawyers and accountants all make money, but the artists don't.

Tony Bennett

In several cases, I'm convinced the financial and personal help these producers have received from other farmers and farm organizations across the country made the difference between giving agriculture another go and just giving up.

Ronnie Anderson

In the short term, any kind of disruption from two very large producers like Iran and Nigeria isn't something that can be offset by other production.

Simon Wardell

There's really no better way to learn about folk craft producers than to produce yourself.

Marysia Galbraith

[Would she do a series based on her character?] Oh, you know producers, ... They're always trying to wrangle something. I wouldn't put it past them. Sure, I'd consider it.

Lucy Lawless

Area producers will be able to learn valuable information to assist them with their operations from two outstanding speakers. We're fortunate to have these gentlemen as guest speakers.

Dean Schroeder

I think initially producers should contact their county judge and let them know what they need, and then those judges will begin the process of assessing where they're at.

Burt Rutherford

They were hard workers and some of our top producers. These were low-key guys.

Jim Newell

We're hoping to really get this going this spring. We'd really like to be able to list these producers on our Web site who have the RR rams to sell.

Pam Smith

Catalogs from the late 1800s through the early 1900s are often described as the gems. They were the catalogs of a golden era because of their illustrations -- many of them hand-done -- and because of the cultural information they included. Later, the catalogs became more commercial as their producers figured people could go to books or elsewhere for much of that (botanical background).

Susan Fugate

What we found was that age was a significant predictor in Bt corn adoption. We found as producers get older and gain experience they are more likely to adopt Bt corn rootworm, but once they reach about age 48 they become less likely to adopt the technology.

Corinne Alexander

It's another effort by cattle producers to produce high-quality products for the consumers in the U.S..

Marsha Daughenbaugh

GLAAD is reaching out to the show's producers to discuss our concerns and the concerns of community members and allies who have contacted us about this matter.

Damon Romine

This decision by the FDA is very, very disappointing to us. It's the most effective treatment available to poultry producers.

Bob Walker

It would leave the producers and our patrons in a fix and we don't want to jeopardize the experience for anyone.

Veronica Corpuz

When they start naming certain producers, that's what gives them away.

Fred Dexheimer

It's not just Salman who will suffer. Producers connected with him will be hurt.

Taran Adarsh

Nigel met with the show's producers and decided he has taken Dennis as far as he can.

Nigel Harman

They are both quality producers. It's really a nice compliment to them.

Rod Keeling

By adding billions of gallons of motor fuel to the U.S. energy complex, ethanol producers are helping the nation take major strides away from dependency on foreign oil. Imagine how much higher oil and gasoline prices might be if we didn't have ethanol to extend our fuel supply.

Bruce Noel

Our message to Iowa cattle producers has been clear. Producers were given a five-year enforcement moratorium to fully comply with the law, and we expect them to meet the commitments they made when they entered into the agreement. When the Iowa Plan ends, EPA will enforce the Clean Water Act against feedlots that are polluting the nation's waters.

Jim Gulliford

The issue of dating and cruising sites, yes, if in fact they are not creating the images themselves, are protected as secondary producers.

Tom Hymes

One important thing in the application process for sellers will be to verify that their items are produced locally and are from those counties. The Farmer's Market is for the nature and well being of the local community and for those producers trying to boost their business.

Jenny Taylor

I consider Aaron to be one of the most talented producers I've ever met. He's very in touch.

Stuart Maxfield

We think these messages are at odds with the comments normally made to investors regarding future oil prices and the ability of producers to meet demand, and we wonder if perhaps those messages are actually a better indicator of the companies' thinking.

Neil Mcmahon

A comprehensive trade agreement would take the downward pressure off not only for American producers but for other countries as well.

Gary Hufbauer

This deal marks the first of many to come and illustrates how, by working together with producers, we will achieve agreements that are mutually beneficial.

Michael Apted

We do a lot to really support the local farmers and producers. We have products from about 180 local producers in our store, so we are not only selling fresher food but we are helping to support our community.

Brendon Smith

We are hopeful that the two governments will be able to reach an agreement in the near future that will be beneficial to U.S. cement producers and their workers.

Joe Dorn

Doing a TV show, you're on an assembly line and it's as cut and dry as that. There are some shows that are exceptions. There are producers that want really special things.

James Darren

Losing Iran supplies will have a massive impact on the market, and there is no way that other Middle East producers are going to be able to make up for that loss.

Hiroyuki Kitakata

Firstly consumers refused to buy these frozen chickens and producers reacted by producing more local chicken.

Jose Bove

We have talented actors, but we do need directors and producers.

Fred Brown

Those artists, in addition to the country and rock scene, and the revenue make Houston a highly desirable location for musicians, producers, labels and management teams to focus their efforts.

Ronnie King

This is aimed at those small and medium-sized livestock producers, ... This could be a valuable tool for them.

Jeff Ward

[Some television producers, deal makers and even on-air personalities are starting to see the Internet emerge as an inviting place to find audiences and advertisers.] What I love about this so much is it hasn't shown its potential, ... It's more exciting to me to be at a place where I can at least attempt to break some ground than to basically follow a set path.

Harvey Levin

A lot of producers will intimidate you or leave it to the engineer when you're in the vocal booth. I'm at my most vulnerable when I'm singing, but he just had a great manner in the studio.

Robert Lamm

The idea was to help journalists that didn't really know how to be journalists because they've never been in a free society where they can challenge authority. It was a learning experience for them as cameramen, producers, and so on.

Joe Angotti

When (producers) are going, 'This scene really doesn't work and we need some help here,' and you realize what they're saying is you can make or break this movie.

Hans Zimmer

We are going to support everyone to recover their goods and rebuild their homes that were destroyed, to compensate agricultural producers for the loss of crops, and in finance plans for businesses.

Vicente Fox

When I played Bobby Fischer, my opponent fought against organizations - the television producers and the match organizers. But he never fought against me personally. I lost to Bobby before the match because he was already stronger than I. He won normally.

Boris Spassky

As beef producers we're proud of the work we're doing to give consumers what they want. That means meals that not only taste great, but are convenient and nutritious. These new cuts offer these benefits.

Charlene Schuster

I hope there is a huge political payment for this. The Chinese industry is going to cream the U.S. producers, and the administration knows it. There are going to be layoffs; there are going to be plant closures.

Roger Schagrin

The support we've received from producers and their organizations has been crucial to obtaining this research support from USDA.

Max Rothschild

This convenient new tool gives customers up-to-the-minute access to their accounts, helping producers better manage the daily operations of their farm or ranch.

Teresa Lasseter

It used to be that producers would make a profit, with the idea that they would put that money into a new show.

Sandy Duncan

Too many of them (Languedoc producers) in my opinion have followed the fad and are trying to make inky black wines with too much oak.

Kermit Lynch

[Producers say it's when the children of the era grow up and settle down.] There's a point where you stop caring about new music and start caring about things from a point in your youth, ... I Love the '80s.

Michael Hirschorn

Prohibiting direct transactions between producers and consumers only results in paralyzing competition and consumer choice.

Michael Ballard

One thing the government could do would be to increase the amount of butter that could be imported without tariff, and that would provide ice cream producers and other users some additional supplies of butter.

Keith Collins

These (energy) price increases will put upward pressure on the cost of the producers of other items, thereby posing the risk of some impetus to core inflation.

Mark Olson

We trust our producers to be creative in their storytelling and follow their creative path.

Nina Tassler

The goal is to demonstrate and transfer the technology to producers of carbon fiber, which could be existing carbon fiber producers or perhaps companies in the forest product industries.

Bob Norris

The negotiations have reached a point where he felt it was time to present a fair contract proposal and see how the producers respond to it.

Chuck Logsdon

Artists are used to working with producers, making the albums and doing the paperwork later ... It's always an oral agreement in this business.

Howard King

It will be terrific to have a housing futures market. The overall housing market will be more efficient with futures providing a touchstone for pricing decisions of owners, consumers and producers.

Richard Peiser

While it's serious to individual producers, from a national perspective, Katrina won't have much impact, ... The consumer won't feel it. Millions of chickens have been lost, but in Mississippi alone, you slaughter 5 million a day.

Keith Collins

We're creating a centralized way for the NFL to take all of the game footage, digitize it, add all the metadata and make it available for all of the producers to access on a PC. That kind of flexibility makes you more efficient for traditional programming and paves the way for next-generation applications.

Steve Canepa

You're seeing the effects of an electricity pricing mechanism that's tied to the cost of natural gas. Companies that are larger producers from coal and nuclear are getting a higher-than-anticipated benefit.

James Halloran

This technology is helping times to change. E-learning is helping students to move from being the consumers to being the producers of the 'learning product'.

Toby Thompson

I don't know if I'm allowed to say or not, but I think we're going to do the album with [producers] Flood and Alan Moulder. We're playing around with a bunch of different ideas, and we'll never really know what anything will sound like until they're done. I don't think one would be expecting to have another 'Somebody Told Me' on the record. But who knows? It's not done yet.

Ronnie Vannucci

If commodities prices are at their multi-year highs, then you'll expect that the producers and the manufacturers are going to pass through these costs. You're paying more at gas pumps. My cable bill was just raised, food prices are a little bit high.

Emanuel Balarie

One item producers like to have built into a numbering (ID) system is the year of birth. Some might find the international letters coding system helpful.

Eldon Cole

Almost everything organic goes to the Twin Cities or the Chicago area. It used to be really frustrating to me to live in the largest city in this organic producing state and to have producers say they wouldn't come to Milwaukee.

Einar Tangen