Creatively we just did not get the show where it needed to be. All of us tried really hard - producers, network, studio - but it just never got on track.

At the end of all steel erection projects, when they fly the last beam up, there is a 'topping-off' party for good luck.

The voting was not fixed whatsoever.

The old one is a classic. This is a new classic. We think it's a nice thing to run both. Some people will watch one or the other, or both.

It really adds to the fun of the show and taps into something about human relationships.

We chose it because it's one of the best shows on television, and it's gaining momentum. It's doing some of the most amazing work in drama that I think is being done anywhere right now. We feel like it's an asset that is only growing, and we wanted to expose it to a larger audience and keep that momentum growing.

I think being off for so long, not being able to hit it with aggressive marketing, has hurt it. You know, we feel like we've got to get the viewers back in there.

We're going with our hit shows.

Putting the words 'racing' and 'driver' together and then adding 'insurance' might seem a recipe for trouble but the facts and the statistics tell a different story.