We're trying to find a solution that works for the federal government, the (government of Northwest Territories), the peoples of the North, the producers and consumers. We all agree that if we can get this thing constructed, that this is in the net best interest of all concerned.

That doesn't make people feel good when they pull up to the pumps - myself included - but I think they can be assured that they're getting as competitive a price as they can possibly get.

We're still short because, we've got a lot of refineries out so there's still some upward pressure there, but I think as things get back on stream hopefully we can get back to a better equilibrated pricing environment.

In 2005, solid operations coupled with a strong price environment resulted in record earnings, allowing more than $2.1 billion to be returned to shareholders in the form of share repurchases and dividends.

Today, under current conditions, we don't have an economic project and we're working to make sure we can find one.

We're just trying to find that path forward and we'd like to go to hearings, but we're not there yet.

One ounce of revenue or gas flowing.

We're sensitive to consumers, we recognize there's more out of people's pocketbooks.

We're as sensitive as anybody else to higher prices. I would like to see them lower I've said that.