A liberal is a man too broadminded to take his own side in a quarrel.

Robert Frost

I still believe in liberalism today as much as I ever did, but, oh, there was a happy time when I believed in liberals...

G. K. Chesterton

They're not about to jeopardize that. In Hamilton, one of the most prominent Muslim leaders is running for the Liberals in the next federal election. I have feeling that this is not going to have much of an impact.

Henry Jacek

Last night, the numbers for the Liberals were quite weak.

Nik Nanos

It's been a conservative court. But it certainly hasn't been the conservative court that liberals feared - or conservatives wanted.

Paul Finkelman

I'm a liberal inside a liberal's body.

Ana Gasteyer

I'll split the two liberals.

John Spencer

We've finally given liberals a war against fundamentalism, and they don't want to fight it. They would, except it would put them on the same side as the United States.

Ann Coulter

Same-sex divides all parties, Liberals included, and a better bet for the Tories would be to come out with something that mobilizes their base.

Gerry Nicholls

Coming off the holiday break, it seems that the Conservatives have had a series of good breaks, notably the RCMP investigation of the Liberals.

Paul Thomas

Only if, for some reason, the government falls, there is an election and the Liberals win, Mr. Graham presumably would lead them into an election should that be held.

David Akin

The Liberals have dismantled health care, slaughtered tax dollars and ignored crime. They made promises they did not keep. Their time has run out. Canadians will not give them any more chances.

Michael Wilson

We are not narrowing it down. It (Friedman's fan base) runs from rabid conservatives to rabid liberals. He appeals to folks of all kinds.

John Mcdowell

It is a big score for us, no doubt about it. It takes a potential Liberal leadership candidate away from the Liberals.

Tim Powers

He will in a way be saying; I am the man in Pakistan. Don't do anything to destabilize me. Don't be misguided by liberals.

Najam Sethi

He was set up by the Liberals, and he's being set up by the Conservatives, as the lightning rod for public discontent if this mission should go really sour. It's not his call.

David Rudd

The Liberals are being blown out of the water. The only thing we're discussing now is whether the Conservatives are going to form a majority or a minority.

Nelson Wiseman

It's a little rich girl who is basically whoring herself to the Liberals.

Tony Abbott

After lagging behind their foes all summer and fall, liberals are turning up the heat and conservatives are unlikely to cede them the field as the confirmation hearings approach.

Bert Brandenburg

Liberals attempt through judicial activism what they cannot win at the ballot box.

Rush Limbaugh

This is not just about homosexuality or homosexual acts -- it's about an agenda and subculture that is in direct conflict with the teachings of the Catholic Church, ... Goodbye, Good Men: How liberals Brought Corruption Into the Catholic Church.

Michael Rose

There aren't any liberals left in New York. They've all been mugged by now.

James Q. Wilson

The Conservatives did a much better job learning from their defeat [in 2004] than the Liberals did from their victory.

Nelson Wiseman

There are no more liberals They've all been mugged.

James Q. Wilson

It's not just the liberals who are watching 'Desperate Housewives.' It's red states, too. It's not just liberals who are buying pornography. It's a multi-billion dollar industry.

Neal Baer

If he sides with the liberals then it doesn't matter what O'Connor does.

Jack Balkin

The liberals can understand everything but people who don't understand them.

Lenny Bruce

You Liberals think that goats are just sheep from broken homes.

Malcolm Bradbury

But some people wrap themselves in the flag ? I mean, that's what some liberals are against.

Meredith Vieira

Not a lot of conservatives on this list. Are more liberals than conservatives screwing up America?

Matt Lauer

Time and time again, history has proved that the conservatives are right and the liberals are wrong.

Stockwell Day

When they win, they mix it up, ... They're liberal on some issues and conservative on other issues. They can't be liberal on everything because there aren't enough liberals in the South.

Merle Black

When this initiative fails, the legislature which is controlled by liberals will revoke it.

Cliff Nellis

As far as I'm concerned, the Legal Services Corp. (which funds CRLA) had been the cutting edge of the left in America, of liberals in America, to change our society in their image and at a cost to the taxpayer.

Lewis Uhler

We're really not talking about bad faith here. Both liberals and conservatives sincerely believe that the best interpretation of the Constitution calls for results they prefer.

Robert Gordon

There is no upside in this (for the Liberals). There is potentially only downside.

Nelson Wiseman

The Liberals that I'm speaking to, they think that Harper is the best thing that they have going for them, ... They think that Harper is finished.

Robert Fife

. . . I don't think either of the Liberals or the Conservatives are going to plunge us into deficit.

Dale Orr