It is an extremely conspicuous hot region.

This is a worrying trend for future adult oral health, as this is occurring despite nearly every child and adolescent using dental services in the last two years, mostly at a school dental service clinic.

I'll split the two liberals.

Once upon a time, son, Chelsea had no money and had to rely on a little Scot from Glasgow.

The particles are so small they should not last very long. You couldn't have the E ring just sit there for the age of the solar system. It had to be regenerated somehow.

This is as astonishing as if we'd flown past Earth and found that Antarctica was warmer than the Sahara.

I'm staying in the race and I expect to get the Conservative [Party] line.

It's like flying past Antarctica and finding that it's warmer than the earth's equatorial regions. It's that strange.

It shouldn't be that warm.