"Najam Aziz Sethi" is the 16th and former (Caretaker government/caretaker) Chief Minister of Punjab, Pakistan/chief minister of Punjab. He is an award-winning yet controversial Pakistani journalist, editor, and media personality, the editor-in-chief of The Friday Times, a Lahore based political weekly, and previously the editor of Daily Times (Pakistan)/Daily Times and Daily Aajkal newspapers. He also has a popular current-affairs program on Geo TV called Aapas ki Baat and owns Vanguard Books, a publishing house and chain of bookstores.

In 1999, he was arrested by Inter-Services Intelligence following an interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation on government corruption, and detained for almost a month without charges. In 2008 and 2009, he was subject to death threats from Islamist groups for his papers' anti-fundamentalist stances.

Sethi won the 1999 CPJ International Press Freedom Awards/International Press Freedom Award of the US-based Committee to Protect Journalists and the 2009 World Association of Newspapers' Golden Pen of Freedom Award.

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People who question some of the facts of the Holocaust are ostracized; most publishers are so sensitive they won't even get into the argument. A degree of censorship is imposed that is not articulated in this case.

He will in a way be saying; I am the man in Pakistan. Don't do anything to destabilize me. Don't be misguided by liberals.

Given the normal cynicism of Pakistanis, something like this has never happened. I think the scale of the disaster is something that has touched everyone to the core.

The peace process has been buffeted.