Tony Abbott
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"Anthony John" ""Tony"" "Abbott" Member of Parliament/MP is the List of Prime Ministers of Australia/28th and current Prime Minister of Australia. He has held this position since 2013, and been Leader of the Liberal Party of Australia/Liberal Party since 2009. Abbott is the Parliament of Australia/Member of Parliament representing the Sydney-based Division of Warringah, having first been elected at a Warringah by-election, 1994/1994 by-election.

Abbott was born in London, England, to an Australian mother and English father, and emigrated to Sydney with his parents in 1960. Prior to entering parliament, he studied for a Bachelor of Economics and a Bachelor of Laws at the University of Sydney, and then a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Politics and Economics as a Rhodes Scholar at The Queen's College, Oxford. He was later conferred with a Master of Arts (Oxbridge and Dublin)/Master of Arts.

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This is a government which takes national security seriously and that's not just national security against terrorism, it is national security against all forms of threat, including biological threat.

It's a little rich girl who is basically whoring herself to the Liberals.

This is an illustration of a new sectarianism where somebody is considered incapable of making an objective decision because they hold ethical, philosophical or religious views.

We have a lot of experienced players back, ... Our attitude is that we want to go out and prove last year was a fluke. We are out to prove we are a lot better than 1-9.

If there is a pandemic, international travel will almost cease I suspect for a significant period of time.