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Fitness - If it came in a bottle, everybody would have a great body.

M. C. Escher

In the '80s, a fitness center was a must-have in order for a hotel to be successful. Today it's a spa.

Lynne Walker Mcnees

We do a lot of fitness work and it helps a lot. We can basically run all day.

Keith Wood

We will assess his fitness before play and see what the situation is then.

Dave Nosworthy

I decided to go back out to Los Angeles to become a certified Tae Bo Fitness Program instructor.

Tasha Strehl

Chris Cairns was not selected due to issues with his cricket fitness.

John Bracewell

My Daddy liked physical fitness and wanted me to be a prizefighter.

Judy Johnson

We will be assessing his fitness - we certainly need him on board.

John Rafferty

Our goal is to promote physical fitness and family enjoyment.

Josh Taylor

He will bat in the nets tomorrow, and then we will have a better idea of his fitness to play in the first Test.

Shane Jabaar

Poor fitness is a direct consequence of physical inactivity.

Mercedes R. Carnethon

It's just a testament to her level of fitness. She's just that fit.

Armando Siqueiros

I've always been into fitness.

Dave Karlstrom

We want to make this a fitness area for our youngest residents and our senior citizens.

George Snyder

It doesn't matter what level of fitness... it doesn't matter if you're small. It will be a benefit for your muscles.

Gina Servedio

We will be taking a 12-man squad plus me, and I am going to be very careful about a decision on my fitness.

Richard Lloyd

We never had any concerns about his fitness levels. One thing they do in Japan is run a lot and train a lot.

David Nucifora

If they do, they will have the best opportunity to perform well on the next Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA).

Rob Danielson

These discussions about promoting physical fitness have blossomed into a broader community effort.

Cherry Loney

Karl came with a view to proving his fitness and earning a contract. Sadly things didn't work out.

Tony Miller

Exercise amount appears to be more important than exercise intensity for eliciting gains in cardiovascular fitness.

Brian D. Duscha

It will be more than just a fitness center.

Paul Versnik

The fitness center will be open 24 hours a day and features a flat-screen TV to make exercising more enjoyable.

Brandon Snyder

I create corporate fitness programs. I go into large businesses and corporations and set up fitness and health programs for them.

Kit Cope

They have not had much football lately and I want everyone to have a decent level of fitness.

Paul Kirk

It shows the fitness and tenacity of our team.

Mark Riley

We look for creative ways to get them in step with fitness.

Cameron Bailey

I've got to monitor his progress and fitness. The good thing is we can slowly bring him on.

Omid Namazi

There are a lot of fitness clubs out there. Our purpose here is convenience.

Bill Johnston

Fat and fitness can go together, ... It depends on other factors.

Liz Applegate

They know we've got big boys and when you have bigger players you're going to struggle a bit with fitness.

Luke Taylor

A mental fitness boom is brewing.

Faith Popcorn

He needs to get stronger, he needs to develop his fitness. He's got a lot to learn.

Stephen Weiss