Thousands of people around the world must live with the constant threat as they go about their daily lives.

By taking the necessary action at the right time, businesses can prevent themselves going the same way and bearing the brunt of another company's business failure.

That's exactly the kind of threat that's going to continue as people go back to their farmland.

We will be taking a 12-man squad plus me, and I am going to be very careful about a decision on my fitness.

Ely are playing well. But, although we are not quite up to speed we have been playing well and hopefully will be good enough to continue our run.

While I was in Kosovo, a 50-year-old man was collecting firewood. He was in a forest (and) he stepped on a cluster bomblet. He was blown to pieces.

It was like pulling teeth to get signed. Everybody [at record labels] was hesitant. None of the bands were easy to see business-wise.

The financial landscape for UK companies had already begun to change by the start of 2005 as rising interest rates, the consumer slowdown and increased red tape all took their toll.

UXO (unexploded ordnance) are a forgotten but lethal legacy of every war.