The IFA seem to change the rules to suit themselves. I am not happy about this decision.

Outside of that Phil Matthews didn't have a save to make, Having said that, I don't think we did enough to win the game of football today in terms of what we did in the last third of the pitch.

Our role is not to jump-start a campaign and all of the sudden make a candidate competitive.

I will be a good benchmark for us. I have shuffled the deck and this game should give us a good idea of where we are.

We got a taste of European football with the Inter-Toto Cup and want to get some more, so we are looking for a good league run.

We have reached a new low. Players not doing a job for me and Distillery must leave.

They have not had much football lately and I want everyone to have a decent level of fitness.

Robert is a smashing player and we need someone of his quality and experience at the club.