Chris Cairns was not selected due to issues with his cricket fitness.

He will be considered for a return to international cricket later in the summer.

He is focused on playing in the World Cup and will have plenty of opportunity to return to form and full match fitness over the domestic season.

What I'm hearing is he's struggling with throwing, he can't throw at the moment but he is making some progress.

Their A side has been strong for quite some time. They will be good warm-up games and give us a decent measure of where we are at since the Indian series.

He is a long term investment and deserves to be retained for a second tour.

He's admitted a couple of times that he's struggled to stay in the battle when teams have gone hard at him, but he has certainly progressed in that area in test matches and hopefully will do on this tour.

South Africa have been waiting for us for some time and from what I gather they won't have forgotten the outcome of that series.

We sat down for a long chat about the issue and it was a pretty tough hour for both of us, because we go back a long way.