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It's a very attractive, cash-flowing business.

Darrell Horn

They're odds some people may find attractive.

Graham Murray

A dip to a one-month low could be quite an attractive level for exporters to buy the won.

Fumihiko Kawano

The alternatives are too attractive.

Vander Dussen

The closer I get to graduation, the more attractive of a candidate I am.

Thomas Mitchell

This is going to be a very attractive program.

Noreen Carvolth

What you have is attractive new product in areas where you can't buy homes for less than $340,000. It represents affordable housing.

Byron Moger

I see levels below 17,500 as very attractive for bargain-hunting.

Hiroshi Arano

It has always been attractive going back to Wales.

Phil Davies

It's a very attractive plan.

Jim Rumbaugh

We're very attractive to them because we dress likehomeless people.

Mikey Way

It's very attractive, I think, to the employees.

Greg Brenneman

Our offer is the more attractive one.

Rolf Breuer

When a man is not guilty, that option is not attractive.

Richard Sharpstein

They're enormous- the weight... the look of them...it's not appealing, it's not attractive.

Kay Anderson

The only thing that makes one place more attractive to me than another is the quantity of heart I find in it.

Jane Welsh Carlyle

It's a very attractive deal for shareholders.

Will Marks

It's an attractive place to be.

Brian Joyce

The GO Zone could be attractive to businesses like this.

Lee Youngblood

That just makes it more attractive, and more people would like to see it.

Jeff Harrelson

If we put attractive programming on, people will hear about it and want to have access to it.

Len Mead

For retailers, the bigger your number is, the more attractive your town is.

Brent Hayes

Retailers have to be aggressive in the coming weeks. Those with attractive discounts will do well.

George Whalin

We have to set something that you know you can afford. We can't offer more than you can afford, but yet you want it to be attractive.

Donna Johnson

Supply and demand, ... is a very attractive concept.

Larry Lucchino

We think it is a fair price for what we see as an attractive asset.

Stephen Allen

I was scared of her. She looked so attractive and beautiful and mature.

Frank Berndt

We'll offer stuff that will make it attractive for them to go forward.

Rich Marcello

They were space hogs in the portfolio. They just weren't that attractive.

Kelly Morgan

The mysterious is always attractive. People will always follow a vail.

Bede Jarrett

We are not looking to diminish our exposure to this attractive business.

Stan O'neal

This allows builders to offer more attractive home packages.

John Mcwilliams

We became more attractive.

John Huggins

It makes bonds a little more attractive.

Leon Myburgh

It's an attractive place to be. But it takes a lot of effort to go after a small market.

Brian Joyce

[But] Stage Beauty ... these two very intelligent actors, who are witty and attractive, got on very well.

Richard Eyre

What's attractive about it is the drugs are incredibly safe.

Stephen Young

The U.S. is fully an attractive place to invest; it's the safest country.

Howard Atkins

By any standards, this is an attractive market.

Rick Kirkland

Laziness may appear attractive, but work gives satisfaction.

Anne Frank

At the end of the process, we expect to have a very attractive value proposition.

Christopher Williams

More attractive gateway from Center City.

Amy Gutmann

To get drunk, meet attractive girls, and get laid.

Gary Allen

It's a very attractive game, and it will fit very nicely in our product mix.

Chuck Keller

These are the jobs that stay and are becoming more attractive as manufacturing jobs go abroad.

Cathy Minkler

It's a very attractive job. I could see it not just drawing local attention but also national attention.

Terry Dunn

The stock, any way you slice it, is attractive at this stage.

Ulysses Yannas

One of the paramount reasons for staying attractive is so you can have somebody to go to bed with.

Helen Gurley Brown

It's an attractive market for anyone.

David Moss

It's certainly an attractive target.

Robin Hayes

Was he attractive? She was too attracted to tell.

Audrey Beth Stein

They'll be able to offer some very attractive merchandise to the customers.

Ross Margolies

Incomes have gone up, and these markets have become more attractive.

Teresa Woodland

Our product range is very attractive.

Wendelin Wiedeking

They're pretty skinny and not very attractive.

Dan Ayres

The chance to sail with Iain is very attractive, a big draw.

Brian Walker

It's decidedly less attractive now.

Greg Mcbride

The two-year Treasury is pretty attractive right now.

Suhail Dada

Chances are, what you would enjoy would be attractive to people like you.

Donald Brown

The upside should be sustainable due to its attractive yield.

Kenny Tang

On the face of it, it looks attractive.

Daniel Ernst

We were presented with a very attractive price.

Manuel Kohnstamm

We were starting to get some traction. The additional access it going to make it even more attractive.

John Loiacono

One of the things that made him so attractive to voters when he ran for mayor was ... he was an outsider.

Bobby Jindal

That's attractive for any free agent.

Earl Watson