Most of them [service people in the portraits] will be from the Marshfield community but they may not be exact pictures it's going to be a painting to it may be a likeness to the picture.

What's really important about software development is implementing the features your customers ask for. That's what we've done with the addition of DVD burning and what we will continue to do in the future.

The one leaving gets paid less than the one coming in the door.

In my work as an educator in the past 15 years, what I see is a trend: At one point, we were really focused on girls, and they were making strides. What I see now is that there is very little focus on girls.

He was telling us all that he loved us, and we told him it was OK, he could go to all his friends, all the other band leaders, and his parents.

We have to set something that you know you can afford. We can't offer more than you can afford, but yet you want it to be attractive.

Audio CD burning capability allows users to play burned music on players that don't have MP3 support, like a CD player. A beta tester burned a high school assignment to Audio CD using the new feature. She reported that the CD-R played flawlessly on the CD player available in the school, a CD player that was too old to recognize and play an MP3 CD.

I think it's good business to enhance any services we have, ... (The trauma center designation) requires a certain level of education and training that you don't necessarily do for the usual emergency room. All of our nurses have gone through a trauma nurse training center. When people hear that you have that higher level of training, people do come.