Helen Gurley Brown
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"Helen Gurley Brown" was an American author, publisher, and businesswoman. She was the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan (magazine)/Cosmopolitan magazine for 32 years.

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I care. I care a lot. I think of Cosmopolitan all day, and I run scared. So it's a combination of fright, caring and anxiety.

Beauty can't amuse you, but brainwork - reading, writing, thinking - can.

I hope I have convinced you / the only thing that separates successful people from the ones who aren't is the willingness to work very, very hard.

No office anywhere on earth is so puritanical, impeccable, elegant, sterile or incorruptible as not to contain the yeast for at least one affair, probably more. You can say it couldn't happen here, but just let a yeast raiser into the place and first thing you know - bread!

Cosmo is feminist in that we believe women are just as smart and capable as men and can achieve anything they want. But it also acknowledges that while work is important, men are, too. The Cosmo girl absolutely loves men!

The message was: So you're single. You can still have sex. You can have a great life. And if you marry, don't just sponge off a man or be the gold-medal-winning mother. Don't use men to get what you want in life - - get it for yourself.

One of the paramount reasons for staying attractive is so you can have somebody to go to bed with.