HP welcomed the new design because fundamentally, the cores were fatter. It was a real win in terms of being competitive with our primary competitor, which is (IBM's) Power.

And we think that we will now begin to start selling more Superdome-class boxes running OpenVMS now, too. But don't get me wrong. This is not a huge growth business for us, but the people who are on OpenVMS pretty much want to be there forever.

We're getting close to being done. We've identified that when we get around 9,000, we've done all the homework.

We probably have another 18 months or so until we get it done.

We'll offer stuff that will make it attractive for them to go forward.

Is it going to be great out of the chute? Probably not. But it'll be a solid implementation and a lot of customers will take advantage of it.

We are partnering with Oracle to take on IBM and DB2.

We think we can ride this wave and grow our Integrity business substantially. Moving forward, we think a lot of our Integrity revenue growth will come from these countries.

Our customers at HP-Oracle shops have been saying, 'We want the complete portfolio.' We had bits and pieces, but we didn't have the entire thing.