Obviously it's a goal to stick with Calgary, but they have a lot of guys signed and a lot coming back, I'll go wherever they put me.

I was just trying to make something happen for our team. We were down 11 and needed something. This is a big win for us, a huge win.

I just never got tired. I felt fresh the whole 40 minutes out there. This is one of the biggest things we've accomplished since I've been here.

It was frustrating to see us play so well for 25 or 26 minutes. Then it was like a different team out there.

I'm just going to try and be a solid, all-around player. I'm not too flashy, I just went to be a guy they can rely upon both on the defensive side and offensive end, a guy who can finish his checks and works hard.

A seventh-round pick doesn't have much bargaining power. I was just happy to sign, and hopefully they were happy to sign me.

I don't see any reason why Bank of America shouldn't be able to get involved in the capital market business any less than anyone else. There is room for more people at the moment.

It's an attractive market for anyone.

It was the best four years of my life. I definitely learned a lot both on-and-off the ice.