Stephen Allen
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"Stephen Allen" was an American politician from New York.

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A lot of power plants are under construction, both in New England and nationwide, and these should be coming on line -- starting to come on line anyway -- later this year and next year.

We think it is a fair price for what we see as an attractive asset.

So help is on the way, ... but for this summer, we've got to manage with what we have.

This is really a nice compliment to our previous ranking with Consumers Digest, where that ranking relied heavily on an outside source looking at us. This ranking uses a lot of input from current students who are living the SUU educational experience.

We will be launching a document probably tomorrow with the French regulators to launch the takeover offer for the remaining 25.3 per cent.

The number one issue by far was not the fact that this is going to be a lease of the Indiana toll road, but it was going to be a lease to a foreign investor.

From day one, we will focus on the service levels and improving customer service. We're fully aware we're charging people to go on the road. So, we see it as quite important for us to keep the road in good shape.

What I'm actually doing is proposing to invest in Indiana. I'm actually talking about creating jobs here.