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I like the atmosphere of the festival.

Ann Clark

I really liked the atmosphere.

John Mullen

Cheerfulness is the atmosphere in which all things thrive.

Jean Paul Richter

With this [impeachment] out of the way, it creates a better atmosphere. They can have some success with their negotiations with the IMF.

Andre Cita

It's a very depressing, sad kind of place. It just adds to the atmosphere of the show.

Dominic Purcell

It's not the typical setting. We wanted a homey atmosphere.

Dennis Robinson

It's a mixed atmosphere here. Some are for it and some are against it.

Mary Jones

You could feel the atmosphere change.

David Overstreet

Southwest's arrival has really created a competitive atmosphere here among all airlines.

Doug Myers

It'll be a romantic atmosphere.

Rachel Marsh

We're embracing that community spirit and embracing it in a festival atmosphere.

Doug Barber

The atmosphere out there was frightening and at the same time very sad.

Sarawut Wichiensarn

This is a great atmosphere, ... You have a great town here.

Dan Bradley

He tries to make it a game-type atmosphere all the time, ... I had to get adjusted to that a little bit.

Kevin Bentley

We've tried to make it an atmosphere where you walk in and forget you're in Athens.

Hilarie Burhans

The kids are going to play hard anyway, but when you add the atmosphere, it can really get their adrenaline going more.

Mike Weiss

I've never played in Test matches with such an atmosphere.

Simon Jones

It is a very emotional atmosphere. They don't understand what they are accused of. They don't understand what is happening.

Ruslan Khasanov

The president called me after it ended and told me there was a very cordial atmosphere.

Giampaolo Zancan

You want to create a party atmosphere so you'll enjoy it more.

Dave Mccabe

There's a lot of emotion in this game with the crowd and the atmosphere.

Jon Scheyer

This is the best atmosphere, this Longhorn Country man, Longhorn Country!

Jessica Sanchez

What a great crowd. What a great atmosphere.

Stephany Smith

We wanted a relaxing atmosphere.

Shari Acho

It's a fun atmosphere, you can come in a have a meal and just watch and be an observer.

Ginger Helms

You go to the piazzas at night and you have a fantastic atmosphere.

Philippe Davy

It really was a playoff atmosphere. I'm sweating, and it wasn't even that hot.

Ron Gardenhire

We're going to have a lot of fun. (The win) changes the atmosphere around the team, and that's what we need.

Maxime Talbot

It was a good experience for them to go see that atmosphere.

Rick Porter

It's a family atmosphere and I think it's important for a young guy to have.

Luke Richardson

That can be a lot of the challenge is the atmosphere itself.

Darah Huffman

People were all pumped up. The atmosphere was incredible.

Tom Delaney

When we got to the stadium, there were 5,000 people and it was a playoff-like atmosphere.

Deron Clark

This is a great place to play with a great atmosphere.

Andrew Richardson

I like the atmosphere here.

Charles Stewart

It will be a cheerful carnival-type atmosphere.

Gregory Evans

It would create a campus-type atmosphere. People could easily go from one place to another.

Steve Pohlman

We did something that nobody thought we were able to do. It's a different atmosphere here.

Chanita Olds

There's a real party atmosphere, it's fantastic.

Gary Flowers

It's like a radiator giving its heat to the atmosphere.

Harry Bryden

It was a great atmosphere to play in, it [was] just too bad to lose.

Mike Power

It's got a little pool, but that's not what you go for. You go for the atmosphere, you go for the history.

Chris Marshall

Whatever we do, I hope we do it in a calm and reflective atmosphere.

John W. Warner

Playing at 'the X,' just the atmosphere is awesome.

Ryan Potulny

The numbers were way up from last year. The atmosphere all day was really exciting.

Perry Edinger

The architecture was beautiful. There's an atmosphere there you just don't get in the United States.

Brandon Banks

It's a different atmosphere here.

Cesar Cuevas

We don't want to be energizing anything if it's in an atmosphere with combustible gases.

Gene Kitts

It was a college basketball atmosphere tonight.

Jerry Slocum

These trials are already taking place in an atmosphere of enormous insecurity.

Richard Dicker

Happiness is a sort of atmosphere you can live in sometimes when you're lucky.

Adela Rogers St. Johns

We've always gone to watch shows there. It's a very cool atmosphere.

Matt King

I don't know what was cooking in that house. The atmosphere for evil was there.

Bart Adams

This is a very special place with a very special atmosphere.

Kevin Keegan

It's turned into a circus. It's a party atmosphere.

Jim Adams

The atmosphere here is very, very different than it was in the days following Katrina.

John Pine

It's going to be a Super Bowl-type atmosphere.

Brian Robison

It is going to be a really warm, cozy, home atmosphere.

Tammy Anderson

It's not a competitive atmosphere. It's about learning music and appreciating music.

Scott Mcguire

I dream of the day there is a line outside to get in -- that kind of atmosphere.

Walt Corbean

The place seems to exude family fun and a relaxed atmosphere.

Joe Seroogy

The group really focuses on a family atmosphere.

Richard Sims

It's a neat thing to see. It's good for them. It's good for us. It's a good team atmosphere.

John Mabry

This is such a happy atmosphere, ... We love it here.

Dwayne Davis

I'm ready to see all of those seats. I can't wait to see how the atmosphere is there.

Virgil Green

There was a tense atmosphere, ... When the end came, it was very abrupt.

John Macarthur

It will affect the atmosphere of the peace process.

Daya Master

It's a great atmosphere. You're hanging around world-class athletes.

John Shuster

It's all about the atmosphere.

Karen Moore

The atmosphere does this on occasion.

Andy Nash

It's a big family parade. It's a fun atmosphere, everybody's happy.

Kevin Mcdermott

The atmosphere is good. But discussions on some points are difficult.

Samir Geagea

Neither comprehension nor learning can take place in an atmosphere of anxiety.

Frank Smith

It's an atmosphere that enables fraudsters to take advantage of investors.

Barry Goldsmith

It's a very poisonous atmosphere right now.

William Stander

We encourage visitors to do this to recreate the atmosphere.

Tom Carpenter

Where under one roof do you get (all this) in a fun atmosphere with a bunch of people?

Susan Traska

It was flat out there. There was no atmosphere which definitely did not help.

Hugh Campbell

He's the embodiment of … the atmosphere of arrogance here.

Rob Lusch

It's a team with tradition. And if anybody's going to have a team prepared for that atmosphere, it's him.

Mark Peperkorn

We got good food. Great hotdogs. Good atmosphere, ... I'd try it. I'm up for anything new.

Jean Brown

I don't know where he came from. He jumped into the atmosphere to grab that one.

Paul Brooks

It should be a pretty intense atmosphere.

Eric Nystrom