People think we're taking something away, but they've never been listed.

These well-known name stocks have momentum. The money keeps flowing in. Those traders are unconcerned about the gold market.

Southwest's arrival has really created a competitive atmosphere here among all airlines.

Semiconductors are what's leading the charge.

Internets are the most volatile stocks. They're like trying to catch a butterfly.

Investors have been conditioned to buy on the down days, ... Money continues to flow into the market (and) net sellers are being outpaced by buyers.

The odds of an October rate hike have been greatly diminished by this employment report.

The U.S. economy is doing pretty well while the worldwide economy is taking it on the chin so people are starting to think that the U.S. is the place to invest in.

There are estimates that there are as many as 25 million Americans who have a fear of flying. When we, as an airport, can put an individual in the air, we connect them with the entire world.