We have got almost 7 million descendants of these soldiers living today. And they have never really believed that American fully appreciated the sacrifices that those families made to make this country great.

This is about more than evolution. It's about not teaching sex education, not teaching bilingual education and pushing for vouchers. Its about not paying taxes.

As a teacher, you hope you touch people's lives. I'm glad he has found this particular activity as his salvation.

It's going to be a challenging project.

Laura is very intelligent and she's a great team player. She has the ability to use both feet. She also has great skills and a great attitude.

Rich is one of the most aggressive defenders I've seen in over two years. We want him to play defense for us.

We are here today to pay tribute to all the soldiers who risked their lives to defend freedom, even though they did not enjoy those freedoms back home.

He was going through his teenage years, which weren't always easy for him.

Neither comprehension nor learning can take place in an atmosphere of anxiety.