This has been really tough and I did everything I could to get fit. I've had a few injuries in my career and you have to realize these things happen and just get on with it.

It is a sickening blow. I have had a few injuries in my career, you have to get over the disappointment.

It is a sickening blow.

It's come at the end of what's been a great year for me personally.

I've never played in Test matches with such an atmosphere.

There was just a sense of disbelief we were in our dug out and they'd crashed to 7-31.

The crowds have been so good - it's been like playing with 12 men. It's been incredible.

It's probably just sour grapes and are you telling me that they've not done it? I can't believe that a guy who didn't even play in the series has come out with such a comment.

There's nothing wrong with being aggressive ? the bloke down the other end has a bat, some pads and a helmet.