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Love is something eternal; the aspect may change, but not the essence.

Vincent van Gogh

A great aspect of America is the ability of the less fortunate to purchase and own property.

Mychal Massie

Another real positive aspect of this, it's an incremental expenditure.

Stuart Purvis

They deserved to win and they outperformed us in every aspect of the game today.

Bronco Mendenhall

Other than the score, we beat them in every aspect of the game.

Doug Baggett

It's got a challenging climb -- I like the exercise aspect.

Chad Henke

One key aspect of the fuel is its low smog formation.

Andrew Brown

Interrogations are a very crucial aspect of our war on terror.

Bryan Whitman

He has to improve the physical aspect and get more involved in the tighter areas.

Kevin Prendergast

Americans are more and more time-starved and that's driving every aspect of retail.

Jim Greene

That's always been a big aspect of our game.

Alicia Wright

If I were to pick one outstanding aspect of his bowling, it would be his accuracy.

Intikhab Alam

We are tired. Tired - but beyond the sporting aspect, there's something more important.

Lilian Thuram

As an actor, it's fun to play the 'want what you can't have' aspect of the relationship.

Michael Vartan

We got beat. They beat us in every aspect of the game.

Ron Rushing

They have been invaluable in the development of the team, in every aspect.

Daniele Audetto

RASCAL, n. A fool considered under another aspect.

Ambrose Bierce

I liked the aspect of someone always being there. If she's working out, then I should be, too.

Christina Roberts

There's a healthy industry aspect, but it's all about the public.

Sandra Hebron

If it were just for the financial aspect you wouldn't be here. You're here because you love it.

Jack Lebewohl

The friendship is more important than the coaching, and we approach things in that aspect.

Mark Franke

We are please with every aspect of our curriculum.

John Brennan

Clearly that's an important aspect of his program.

Tim Carney

You've got that Tarzan aspect.

Kyle Bishop

It's huge for us - both in a state and regional aspect.

Tim Simmons

I'm doing a ballerina, which plays up the cultural aspect of the area.

Betty Reese

We worked hard to make sure every aspect was as perfect as it could be.

Jeffrey Snyder

The No. 1 aspect is the safety of your personnel.

Dr. Jim Graham

They were angry because you can't reason with people who can't reason. That's an aspect of Alzheimer's we don't always quite get.

Judy Mckellar

The whole aspect of home is family.

Kevin Long

The restaurant area will create an entertainment aspect to the center.

Deborah Gibb

You can't put your finger on it. It's the magical aspect of Coach Garrido.

Carson Kainer

We will race against time and do a solid job in every aspect.

Liu Jingmin

I tried football and didn't like it. I like the one-on-one aspect of wrestling.

Sam Zylstra

The cultural aspect with the music makes it a nice place to come to.

Melissa Nelson

We worked on every aspect of the game this week and did better in all of them.

Evan Royster

We had to find a meeting place in everything, ... Every aspect of the piece is a collaboration.

Eric Bass