It is a leap of faith for all of us.

We are creating a relationship and we are creating an investment, ... You build trust through the ensemble work.

We had to find a meeting place in everything, ... Every aspect of the piece is a collaboration.

We live in a Western way of doing things. There is a different understanding what speed is there. We have to respect that.

This show could be a challenge for the Cambodian audience, ... We don't just want to build a bridge, we want to make the bridge become a place the audience can cross as well.

They do things that seem almost impossible, and they do it beautifully.

They open the space they occupy but also the space between where we are and where they are. There is tension and yearning to overcome being bound to the Earth.

We did everything we could. We threw three guys on him. He played well. He'll be the best player we play all year.

I had five of my top seven sitting on the bench.