We worked on his mechanics a little bit and changed it up. But he's got a good eye for the ball, keeps his hands back and puts the ball in play. He's been swinging it well, and he stepped up and delivered. That's what a senior does.

We were down 11-2 and 13-4 during the game. The wind was blowing out big time. We were down nine runs and there was no sense of urgency. The kids really pushed themselves.

C.J. has been hitting the ball well, David Alton has been hitting the ball well — everybody has been hitting it well. It's hard to make a lineup when they're hitting that well. (Foster in the No. 2 hole) just puts him up there faster. I think it puts a lot of pressure on the pitcher to get that first out. As long as everybody is hitting, we can do that.

They got the ball up in the air. It was a strange day for balls flying out of the park.

We got beat. They beat us in every aspect of the game.

He was rusty. We hadn't worked him during the week like we should, but he shook it off and threw a good ball game. That's my fault. We've got to throw him during the middle of the week. We've been trying to keep a lot of pressure off his arm because he's thrown so much.

David New just had shoulder surgery. He hit a ground ball and they made an error. New went to second base head first. That set the tone for the rest of the game.

They've got a new coach, and he's done a good job with them. They've improved a lot, and they've beat some good teams. If we don't come ready to play, they'll beat us.

They were excited. They were going to dedicate the game to C.J.. He's going through a hard time right now, and they're thinking about him. We're here when he's ready. It's a tough subject. They were real close.