It looks like it's going to work, even with all the glitches and the raggedness and the complications.

There is a lot of focus on counter-drug efforts on the part of Rene Preval.

None of that has come to pass, and I'd like to think it's because we have more effective and integrated operations between the Haitian National Police and the U.N. police.

A stunning example of success for the Haitian people. They came out early, they braved the ragged initial disorganization and insisted on voting, and did.

There are two aspects to the drug trade in Haiti. There is the amount that goes into the United States, and the harmful factor the money generated by the drug trade has in Haiti, by providing funds for corruption of police, politicians and custom officers.

Clearly that's an important aspect of his program.

There is a regret that Haiti was not able to get completely away from the politics of the street, but a recognition that you also are seeing an evolution toward peaceful protests.