This is true regardless of the operating system being used. It is a universal vulnerability.

I think we'll match up better with them than we would Central Catholic.

What do rocks do? They sit there and look pretty. It's all about the ear and eye candy.

While Apple added a checkpoint to the downloading and execution process, they did not eliminate this vulnerability. If a user can be tricked into opening a file that looks like a picture, the user may actually be opening a malicious script.

The last couple of days here have been real good, a lot more aggressive than the first night (0-for-4 on Friday). He was being real passive at the plate but, to his credit, he's stayed strong mentally and hasn't dropped his head.

The whole aspect of home is family.

Both teams are kind of similar in that we don't have back-to-the-basket post players. They're guard oriented and we can handle and shoot it well, too.

It's true that this security update does not translate into Macs that are invulnerable. However, Apple has put some things in place to assist users in detecting questionable files... there's no need to freak out about this.