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It's a little earlier than we anticipated.

John Parish

It was more rugged than I had anticipated.

Jeffrey Hunter

These floods are going to be worse than anticipated yesterday.

Mike Easley

The mandate for Koizumi is stronger than many had anticipated.

Lee Ferridge

The set-up just took a lot longer than we anticipated.

Mike Steiner

It's very significant, however it's something we obviously anticipated.

Phil Gee

That sort of publicity couldn't be anticipated.

Scott Morrison

The statement was a little more hawkish than people anticipated.

Kevin Cronin

I always anticipated this to be a competitive race.

Richard Wadhams

The air near the surface was drier than anticipated.

Howard Waldron

I am very, very happy. This is better than we anticipated. We made our case and we made it well.

Mayor Dean Mazzarella

We anticipated this. Voters are really hungry to have it on the ballot.

Chris Fitz

We had anticipated this technology coming, so we didn't do a lot of hiring.

Todd Burns

We anticipated a lot more single coverage, but we didn't get it as often as we wanted to.

Chris Rix

No-one had anticipated troops being there as long as this.

Katherine Jenkins

We had anticipated (the tribe) would do this.

Jerry Cassesi

The significant snow didn't get as far north into New England as anticipated.

Donald Miller

I think it was just going to be more trouble than they had anticipated.

Ned Van Maanen

I never really anticipated this kind of impact.

Coleen Rowley

I anticipated a cut, but I didn't think it would be that big.

Karen Woodall

Demand appears to be tracking better than we had anticipated.

Joseph Osha

That's something that I wouldn't have anticipated, that kind of activity in a concentrated period of time.

Tom Kayser

We always budget very conservatively. Nobody anticipated this big of an increase though.

Carol Horn

We experienced a very dry mid-winter last year, and that is something we never anticipated.

George Taylor

I anticipated it would be long, but not this long.

Stacey Snider

Those [figures] are just what we anticipated.

David Ryan

It became a bigger project than what we anticipated.

Joan Smith

We anticipated at some point this was going to happen.

Dawn Taubin

As we had anticipated, this is going to be huge from an insurance perspective.

Carol Walker

The numbers were larger than we anticipated.

Bill Ernest

We anticipated about a 10 to 20 percent drop this year in participation.

Howard Taylor

It turns out we were all wrong, we had not adequately anticipated.

Frances Townsend

The auction came in much stronger than anticipated.

Scott Graham

This is perfect. That is exactly what I anticipated they would find today.

Chip Taylor

To me, the rate of growth was anticipated to a certain degree, but not to this degree.

Dan Wood

We opened earlier than we had anticipated. Our permanent sign is not here, and we have not advertised yet.

Gail Thompson

We would never have anticipated this.

Jim Elliott

My sense is they are off to a slower start than they might have anticipated.

Peter Kreisky

It turned out far better than either of us anticipated and we would definitely do it all over again.

Michael Kaufmann

These numbers are much better than anticipated. It is difficult to explain from the data we already have.

Russell Jones

It was exactly where I had anticipated.

Hank Williams

That result was fairly well anticipated.

Tony Russell

Everybody anticipated the breach of the levee, Mr. President.

Mary Landrieu

What we found was more than what we anticipated.

Roz Foster

This is a worse scenario than we had anticipated.

Lucrecia Tam

I'm going to go out slower than I anticipated.

Rosie Jones

Domestic performance in May was weaker than anticipated.

Jim Goodwin

We had anticipated some interest in what we were doing, but this has received a lot more interest than we expected.

Mika Krammer

Earnings were better than anticipated, that's good news for Engelhard.

Michael Judd

This was the most anticipated SEC investigation in the history of the free world.

Seth Tobias

There are no transactions anticipated tonight.

Stacey James

We've cut more trees than anticipated, and the appropriations have not kept up.

Terence Mcelroy

We anticipated that DEP would take another look at this.

Marc Weinstein

There's more administrative work than we had ever anticipated. It's not an unmanageable amount, but more than we thought it would be.

Linda Franks

It was not a bad week as these things go, perhaps even a little better than anticipated.

Crawford Falconer

We've got a hurdle here that wasn't anticipated, but we've got nine months to try to fix it.

Fred Murphy

That's very bearish, ... The imports are higher than we anticipated.

Ed Silliere