"Todd Edward Burns" is a retired Major League Baseball pitcher.

Burns attended Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma, earning first-team All-America honors before being drafted by the Oakland Athletics in the 7th round of the 1984 MLB amateur draft. He played for the A's from 1988 to 1991, and would also play for the Texas Rangers (baseball)/Texas Rangers (1992–1993), and St. Louis Cardinals (1993). He was nicknamed "The Mad Hatter" because of his habit of frantically tugging at the bill of his cap and re-adjusting it prior to every pitch as well as "Third Degree" for his penchant of giving up runs near the end of his career.

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It brings power into the entire region.

I was scheduled to fly out the day before it hit. Most of my stuff is stored down there. It's just crazy.

We had anticipated this technology coming, so we didn't do a lot of hiring.

We will actually energize the project in June. That means we will be connecting it with the rest of the transmission grid.

With this type of damage, it looks like some houses will be (without power) into the late evening before we can get to them.

We are seeing new outages almost as fast as we are getting services restored.

Light and fluffy snow we can handle. If it turns into this mess they're talking about, we'll have plenty to talk about this afternoon. Anything over a quarter inch [of ice] gets our attention.

We just started to see these things within the (past) hour. Our crews haven't had time to get there and find the cause.

Usually, it's not on a nice weather day in the middle of the day that the power goes out. It happens in the middle of the night in the snow or the rain, and we have to send a crew out to run the length of the line to find the problem.