When the civilized world demonstrated its determination, the Libyan government correctly judged its own interests, and the American people are safer.

We knew they were going to fly a commercial airliner into the tallest building in California. And it was an analytic judgement by the intelligence community that that meant the Library Tower.

Probably 70 percent of hands went up, ... And people were really stunned that there is nowhere in the Patriot Act the mention of library records.

The official primarily responsible for advising and assisting the President in the coordination of domestic incident management activities of all departments and agencies in the event of a terrorist threat, and during and in the aftermath of terrorist attacks, major disasters, or other emergencies, within the United States.

It turned out we were all wrong, we had not adequately anticipated, ... The thing that changed this was not Katrina itself, the thing that was the catastrophic event was the failure of the levee.

It turns out we were all wrong, we had not adequately anticipated.

I haven't presumed that there needs to be a revision of the Stafford or Insurrection Act.

We must be unanimous in our strong condemnation of such state sponsorship of terrorism and demand its end in our lifetime.

Divorce this from partisan politics.