That sort of publicity couldn't be anticipated.

It certainly got our attention when we saw the score.

This exciting new campaign provides a compelling and uniquely Australian invitation to the world that celebrates our personality, our lifestyle and our place. It has been carefully designed to cut through the clutter and motivate international tourists to stop putting it off and visit Australia now.

We're trying to make a statement about local hockey and using the arena can do that. The last five games are pretty good rivalries.

It's a bit of a PR dream.

It's been a real struggle.

This is an independent, self-sustaining industry that is growing (at) more than twice the rate of the pharmaceutical industry. It is here to stay.

It's on the road back, ... I think there are probably some companies that won't be around for the long term, but certainly the industry has a future.

We're being a bit cautious up in Singapore and have taken a pro-active stance there.