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We were amazed, but we are every year.

Bob Ross

I'm amazed at the response I get.

Jim O'neal

I've been doing this for 45 years and I'm still amazed at what I find out.

Carlton Funn

She is very fun. And I am amazed at how well she gets around. She does a lot for herself. She's just awesome.

Julie Miller

I'm amazed to see that so many people are catching on.

Matt King

When you hear about what they are … you'll be amazed. It's kind of refreshing to hear what some of those are.

Jerry Larson

I'm just so amazed right now.

Michael Peters

I'm just absolutely amazed at how things have worked out this year.

Kai Madsen

I expect to see that in this race, and I would be shocked and amazed if it didn't happen.

Jack Orr

They're amazed. They are always shocked when they walk in here.

Bill Gottschalk

I'm amazed we won the basketball game.

Mick Durham

The first book was huge. I was amazed.

Maryjo Tuttle

I was amazed at how well both teams did under the conditions.

Dave Roy

I am just amazed at the talent we have between the two clubs.

Kirk Rawles

Researchers were amazed at the messes they encountered.

Boyce Thompson

I want people to be amused or amazed but fooled.

Joey Skaggs

I was amazed the first time I saw her (a few years ago).

Mike Dove

I'm positively absolutely amazed at some of the things that people will do for $1,000.

Neil Bauman

It amazed me at the first lesson. I was able to do it and Marty is very gifted.

Chip Brown

You would be amazed at how self-sufficient she is.

Cherise Crisman

What I'm amazed at today is all the versatility and things we can do with the shuttle.

Steve Lindsey

I'm amazed at what UNH has done.

Brian Corey

The people from L.A. were completely amazed that someone would do something like that. They said that something like that would never happen where they were from.

Stephanie Adams

I wasn't sure what to expect, but I've been amazed by some of our riders.

Nicole Mccoy

I was amazed at their attitudes. They weren't down, but said they would get through this and build a new life again.

Susie Pelzel

My phone rang, he said you can come home now, I was just amazed.

Nicki Perchik

This place was ripped to shreds. I was amazed. There were dozens and dozens of breaches.

Peter Nicholson

I would be amazed if you didn't.

Carl Reiner

You'll be amazed how far your money will go.

Richard Wright

This is his third year doing it, and I'm amazed.

Randy Cretors

They already won the game. That wasn't sportsmanship. I was amazed he took the shot.

Tristan Blackwood

We were amazed at these findings, and amazed at how strong they were.

Myrna M. Weissman

I'm amazed at the cost. I had my eyes opened real fast.

Larry Steach

I'm amazed by the response.

Jessica White

I'm constantly amazed at her athleticism. She's tenacious.

Michele Nagamine

I'm amazed and impressed at the security.

Kelly Anderson

I'm thoroughly amazed at how bright and alert she is.

Dr. Roger Hudgins

Most people are amazed that this is so loosely organized.

Warren Johnson

It's clearly very important to them, ... I'm really amazed at how desperately she's behaving.

Danni Ashe

Other coaches were amazed at how quickly she got up the court.

Mark Mooney

I was amazed at what [God] showed me. I prayed that I would devote my life to it.

James Fitzgerald

They definitely get very eloquent sometimes. I'm always so amazed at how insightful they are.

Robin Wright

We were amazed to hear him voice this commitment. He framed it exactly as we would have.

Nathanael Greene

You go to Vietnam and they love Americans there. I was amazed by that.

John Holly

I'm amazed that we have the kind of record we've got.

Tex Winter

Most people are amazed at how they spend their time when they do this.

Sue Shipman

I was amazed how many of his classmates we've heard from.

Deborah Saxton

I was amazed at ho much still needs to be done.

Nathan Robertson

It's not a judgment. I'm just amazed. … What do you do? … I can't imagine life without it.

Amy Ray

Well, I'm amazed that there is no fish in the river.

Richard Larson

I'd be amazed if any of the UK-quoted companies were involved.

Roman Cizdyn

I'm amazed we didn't have more fatalities.

Sonny Briggance

I'm just totally amazed. It's like night and day.

Linda Karen

The first time we saw it, we were amazed - it was really spectacular.

Sam Van Wassenbergh

I am amazed. This is totally different from where we usually go.

John Ashton

I've never seen a response like this. I'm really amazed.

Rob Gorman

I'm amazed this happened, and I couldn't be any happier.

Peter Berman

That wasn't good, that wasn't sportsmanship. I was amazed he took that shot.

Tristan Blackwood

I'm amazed there weren't more sick and injured considering what hit this city.

Erik Larsen