Nathan Robertson
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"Nathan James Robertson" is a retired English badminton player who has achieved international success in both the men's events and the mixed doubles event. He was educated at Dayncourt School Specialist Sports College.

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The Commonwealth Games is high on the list especially after the disappointment of Manchester four years ago. That was one of our big disappointments.

It's the reason we are still together.

The Commonwealths are high on the list after 2002. That was one of our big disappointments. We know we can beat anyone in the world.

The Chinese are so dominant at the moment that to go there and win in their own backyard was very satisfying.

I was just desperate to win it. It was such a big occasion and right now it ranks as the best. We can win grand prix events but it is the medals you have won that define your career when it's all done.

I was amazed at ho much still needs to be done.

I would be a very bad son if I had lost.

This is going to be a big year for us especially in the first four months.