"Morice Fredrick "Tex" Winter" is a retired American basketball coach, and innovator of the triangle offense.

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Basketball has been my life. There are trials and tribulations, it's time-consuming. But there's glory and the thrill of competition. I've never emphasized winning or losing. It's giving your best and the glory of competition - that's what keeps me in it.

New Jersey plays the same way we do. It's a team concept. Everybody touches the ball. The principles are the same.

Basketball can really burst your bubble. There are moments you want to walk away from it and never come back. Somehow, I'v always gotten over those moments.

One bad pass begets another.

The coaches who enjoy life are those who have remained young at heart, have faith in God, have cultivated a sense of humor, have learned to like people and to get along harmoniously and pleasantly with them.

I'm amazed that we have the kind of record we've got.