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With the Bush administration cutting and cutting, we're down to the grind.

Jacque Whiting

If someone committed a crime they will no longer work in my administration.

Valerie Plame

It's just not the way that this administration chooses to do business.

Mick Johnson

I am here to work. I will have to work with the present administration because they are in charge.

Sheridan Samuels

He's clearly made economic prosperity the hallmark of his administration.

Allan Zaremberg

We're all scared this administration will single us out, the ones that are outspoken.

Allen Mcdonald

He was not saying anything the administration has not said -- that we need to find these guys.

Ranit Schmelzer

There is no sentiment in the administration for humoring the Chinese.

John Tkacik

Huge failure on the part of the Bush administration...

Cal Thomas

This administration has had to earn them.

Brad Cowgill

The administration believes Texas is OK.

Mark Viator

If these allegations are true, then the governor's administration has come to an end.

Chris Redfern

Cutting the safety net is the last thing the administration should be proposing.

Dave Frederickson

Every White House administration has its point of collapse.

Jeffrey Frank

Nobody from the administration has officially rejected my column.

Bob Novak

All of this intensifies existing concerns that the public has about this administration.

Andy Kohut

This administration has not learned a thing from this investigation.

Charles Wells

We'll have discussions about that with the administration down the road.

Drew Potthoff

If someone had told me three years ago I would be in administration, I would have said you are crazy.

Tony Ramsey

If it hadn't been for the mismanagement of this administration, we wouldn't be in this mess.

Frank Watson

It's all of our business, it's all of our money, it's all of our administration.

Mike Tadych

There's a bit of a message to the administration: 'Don't rush this. . . . We need to do this right, not fast,' .

Noah Feldman

This is a priority for the administration.

Jennifer Mullin

Cardiology is germane to the administration.

Douglas Zipes

No one from the administration has made such an effort.

Angel Fuentes

The administration has failed basic accounting. There is very little in this that is (really) so-called emergency spending.

Jim Manly

It would be my intention to ask administration to do more research.

Connie Dietz

A diplomatic fig leaf to serve for this administration and as a trigger to war.

Brian Becker

The administration is on the wrong track and sending exactly the wrong message.

Michael E. Capuano

This is part of an overall lobbying effort from the administration.

Jaime Brito

The leadership is not there. There are opportunities, but the administration chooses not to do it.

Roger Bordeaux

People are very angry at the Bush administration.

Brian Becker

The administration has used 'provocative' many times.

John Tkacik

The administration has said some things in this that six months ago would have been heresy.

Robert Einhorn

Everybody is to blame — it transcends administration. It transcends party.

Michael Parker

We are Americans, We have the right to participate and debate any administration.

Hilary Clinton

Scrimmages within the administration on Venezuela were often very, very rough.

Miguel Diaz

The administration has not been forthcoming so far on what's going on.

Ann Fields

We asked the administration to look into it and see if we should do anything different.

Larry Glenn

These are not small figures in this administration.

Brit Hume

That was the case with the Reagan administration in 1986.

William Niskanen

I hate Bush, I despise him and his entire administration.

Jessica Lange

This is as clear as the nose on your face, but yet the Administration won't acknowledge it.

David Hartquist

This 'eavesdropping' isn't a Bush administration phenomenon.

Nolanda Hill

I think that they [Bush Administration] are men who are possessed of evil.

Harry Belafonte

It is time for the administration to get tough with the Chinese.

Jerry Jasinowski

This administration has accomplished a great deal.

Micah Rasmussen

That doesn't bother me as much. We need to have some oversight to this Administration.

Barry Weinstein

Certain administration officials have jumped the gun.

Brian Wolk

I don't think there's a commitment in this administration.

William Ruckelshaus

We had definitely gotten positive signals from the administration.

Karen Bass

I think administration has said, 'Well, we got to do that because that's what the policy says.' I don't think that's what the policy says.

Lindsey Tippins

He had a very active administration. All of his staff is very accessible to me. And they are very good at following through on what we discuss.

Michael Sullivan

This is an exhausted administration. It's going to be very hard for [them] to come out with a big new initiative.

Michael Tanner

You have to know what you're starting with, ... Four years into this administration and we don't know.

Eva Moskowitz

This [Bush] administration has been hands off, hands off, hands off.

Ellen Daley