I think we do need to move very swiftly in creating value for consumers and reacting to the economics.

The ANSWER Coalition, the NCAA is not only disappointed with the ruling, ... but we condemn the city for presenting to the court a completely false brief and making in court false representations, which on the face contradict themselves.

A diplomatic fig leaf to serve for this administration and as a trigger to war.

People are very angry at the Bush administration.

Our only concern is that the police not get out of hand.

We believe we are at a tipping point whereby the anti-war sentiment has now become the majority sentiment.

I believe it is the most vivid and compelling demonstration that the war in Iraq is not only needlessly taking lives of human beings, but it is needlessly diverting precious resources.

We're reorienting the antiwar movement to make the connection between the vast expenditure for the war in Iraq and the woefully inadequate response to the victims of Katrina.

Because of the Kinder Decision, we have to take local tax efforts into consideration when dividing the state funding.