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(The shelter) is my new address.

Gigi Brown

It's too early to get into that. That's something we'll address once the merger closes.

Michael Coe

It's beyond the place of the state to address that issue.

Rep. Bryan Stevenson

We'll probably address that at some later date.

Harry Sinden

You can't address the global market unless you address India.

Rakesh Mathur

I don't have any address. I don't have any idea down there.

Dabo Pobot

The giveaway is the Web address.

Tom Baughman

We're concentrating on the C-17. We think that's the program that we have to address right now.

Robert Swayze

That's a negotiated item, and I couldn't address it.

Ann Laborde

We filed for Chapter 11 to address our fleet issues.

Kerry Skeen

I put his address in and that gives him predator status in our software.

Katherine Miller

This community member gave us the web address.

Gloria Mccauley

We'll address those needs as coach Boyle presents them.

Jay Hinrichs

I can't elaborate further but there are a couple of things we really need to address.

Des Gleeson

If we don't get the win we'll have to address some things.

Colin Doyle

Those concerns weren't really raised adequately with staff so that they could address those concerns.

David Grayson

The codes the information, your address you name it, they got it.

Jan Quintrall

We've talked about supporting Gavin and will address it.

David Moffett

All you do is punch in an address and it shows you the neighborhood the address is in.

Steve Valdez

I consider myself a behavioral optometrist and there are about 2,000 of us in the country, where we address more than 20-20.

Dr. Edvin Manniko

We feel we have an obligation to address the issues of the day.

David Potter

We plan to do for the calendar what we did for the address book.

Ben Golub

We've got to begin to address other needs as well.

Larry Meyer

I don't think there is an address now.

Aaron Scott

That's really going to help us address a large issue.

Adrienne Worthy

We'll see what we need to do to address it. It all happened so quickly.

Matt Resch

There is nothing new in the address.

Rajendra Mahato

We have a lot of work to do in our own end and we'll address some things in practice.

Scott Sutton

We want to make sure the person changing the address really is that person.

Robert Salerno

It is what it is. We still have to address it and still feel for the victims' families.

John Franco

The real way to address the issue has always been there and that is the rate.

Lowell Kalapa

It's a small point. We'll address it and move forward.

David Hopcraft

We've got a problem. We've got to address it.

Steve Bennett

Some problems they wanted to address have become worse.

Shafqat Kakakhel

There are so many other factors we have to address. Homophobia is something we have to address.

Keith Green

One thing I learned about Bruce Springsteen is: If there's a problem, you address it.

Dave Marsh

As I said before, every railroad clerk has a public address.

Kevin O'connell

We hope to sit down with them and address their concerns.

Marvin Miller

Jeff will likely use that as a forum to address these issues.

Joe Hodas

We want to take all of your comments and look at how we can address them.

Debra Sullivan

Nothing succeeds like address.

Fran Lebowitz

We are really anxious to address those charges and prove his innocence.

Terry Karst

These bills don't address the cost of health care.

Kelly Hobbs

We have some things we want to address right away. We have a lot of plans.

Mike Gazeley

They are coming to you-all you have to do is get on your e-mail address and point-and-click.

Stacey Coleman

We have to address this court security and we do have to do the summer patrols.

Chuck Clarke

They've closed the productivity gap wonderfully, but they had to do so, because it's the thing they could address.

Sean Mcalinden

But we do need to address our problems.

Mark Ainsworth

We hope to come up with a plan to address some of these issues.

Maran Hilgendorf

In the past, it was something they needed to address, but they didn't have to.

Jon Darbyshire

The two sides will need to address their `strategic suspicions,'.

Shi Yinhong

It's to address the issue of climate change.

John Efford

We take the possibility seriously and efforts to address it seriously.

Chris Winans

[The] address book is better for faculty.

Al Stadler

What you got is a bunch of lies, and I won't address a bunch of lies.

John Becker

As for doping, it's a minority. And we are working to address that, too.

Aldo Notari

I didn't get your invoice because I moved. Here's the new address.

Craig Mccabe

That really doesn't address the core issue.

Rachael Price

We are very concerned about anyone who has been hurt and will address that.

Fran Maier

He will go some way to address the problems, but he will not be radical.

James Walston

That is a problem address for police.

Jacqueline Chaput

There was a confusion over the address.

Dave Byron

I also accept that there are various personal issues that I need to address.

Kate Moss

We got the bill--she gave them our address.

Joanne Thompson

We're revamping our plans to address a pandemic.

Jim O'connor

We're going to try and address those as quickly as we can.

Joe Allbaugh

Internally, we are trying to address this issue and see what we can do.

Lou Torres

These images come from the imagination of whites, and it's whites who need to address them.

Susan Morris

PIC does a lot of different things. It does address a variety of needs.

Nathan Brookwood

I can't address everything at once.

Lance Cutler

It would be incorrect to say that these changes alone address those issues.

Larry Cohen