It's probably because half of us grew up watching games there [Buffalo]. You know you're going to get a great test and I believe our mind-set is just really ready to play when we go there.

If we don't get the win we'll have to address some things.

I can't explain why the top ones go, but it's a great program, a good learning environment.

There's very little room for error.

The more time you spend in lacrosse circles, the more you feel like teaching is a really good option to have. I've done (lacrosse) camps for seven years now and I really enjoy teaching and working with kids.

Winning breeds confidence, it's as simple as that. There's a very good chance we may need to go through there in the playoffs, so we could gain a lot of confidence and momentum.

It was nice to jump out of the gates like that. We haven't done that in a while.

Having the depth is where good teams become great, as far as I'm concerned. I think he's the best, if not one of the best, depth guys in the league. If you can even call him that. He's a great asset to have, no doubt about it.

This is something that can affect all of us, regardless of age, sex, race, or sexual orientation.